2 World Champions. NO CASTLING!

The Dortmund Chess No Castling Masters with Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, an interesting new chess variant.

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  1. Day 22 of requesting levy to cover the 2019 Sinquefield cup: The ultimate moves

  2. glad to see even the oldest metas can still playtest new rules

  3. I was wondering if u could suggest your viewers to organise a competition or something like that(competition) of chess-memes for fun. As memes are now very popular among internet users, I personally think that chess memes should be inspired to make chess popular from an underrated game.

  4. Yesterdays guess the elo will be published ?

  5. did the try guys coin the term castling 😭😭

  6. hanging a blanket or quilt on the wall you face while streaming may be an effective short-term approach to damping room acoustics. the sound pressure level is likely greatest between you and that wall, and attenuation at that wall will greatly reduce the sound that can reach and bounce off of other walls. (this suggestion is based on acoustic theory learned in engineering graduate school)

  7. You should make a gothamchess logo. I feel like there’s not a super recognizable Gotham symbol unless I’m missing something. I guess there’s the chess piece with the Batman thing but that’s kinda just the Batman logo. Maybe something with a big letter G and there are chess pieces that have windows, kind of like a cityscape beneath it

  8. Gotham in guess the elo- “Rook g1, Rook g1 made move that makes no sense!”
    Gotham when Vishy plays Rg1- “Wow! Anand played Rook g1!! that so incredible!”

  9. I love you man…..Love from an Indian fan of yours as well as Vishy Anand

  10. i saw this match on agadmator😭, i feel guilty like i cheated my gf

  11. the echo is gone but what happened to 1080p

  12. LOL 11:20 could be featured in a chess anime. adjusts glasses "oh you're done? It's my turn now." music starts as he throws out a billion queen checks

  13. Maybe this seems blasphemous, but im liking gotham chess review better than Agadmator, i like the fast pace of it not going to deep into engine lines..

  14. “the only rule is you can’t castle”
    Proceeds to send queen back in time to kill the king before it’s born

  15. wouldn't the hippo be a good opening for when you can't castle?

  16. Castling in traditional chess is eloquent, but, in Chess960, it is kludgy. I would like to see them do away with it (castling) in the latter. Interesting that we experiment with doing away with castling in the former (traditional chess), but, with the exception of myself, I haven't heard of anyone proposing doing away with it in Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess).

  17. *Knight rook and Queen staring at his King *
    Vishy: “This is fine”

  18. Would love to see hi level players play a different variant where the black king and queen are switched in the starting position. Still very much chess but it would promote more opposite side castling and some openings like the Scandi completely disappear.

  19. Magnus might be the reigning champion, but I swear every time Vishy gets to an endgame it's always the fanciest thing I've seen since his last endgame.

  20. white takes advantage of a move from the start of game onwards …. yeah..

  21. Oh, LOL! No Castling OMG! Actually, the rules??? An Amazing Game by GM Anand! Levy, I needed to get your ideas on this one…

  22. People are sick of prep, but wouldn't this variant just lead to a different set of prep? 960 avoids it because it's random…not sure if other variants can avoid eventual prep

  23. Levy, I think I speak for every person in gotham city when I say I want an IRL OTB chess video

  24. Sorry, but chess with castling is more interesting.

  25. was anyone else dumb enough to read NC as New york city or am i the only one?

  26. Black king : shit! We can't castle
    White king: understandable have a nice day
    Black king : you too brother

  27. it would be great if you would make a series on VA

  28. I'd love to see a video where you grind your way up without castling, seems so interesting!

  29. "The first person who breaks the symmetry is Kramnik"

    Man, when you think about it, black will always be the one that breaks symmetry, right?

  30. Day 5 of translating Levy's titles to Brazillian Portuguese: "Dois campeões mundiais SEM ROQUE!"

  31. That was incredible, from beggining to end. Extreme high level chess – fo no one's surprise

  32. At 3:37 if a guess the elo submitter played that move, levy would be like “ that move makes no sense”

  33. Can you just tell us when they played this game !!!

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