2 World Champions. NO CASTLING!

The Dortmund Chess No Castling Masters with Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, an interesting new chess variant.

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  1. “YouTube is superior.”

    -Levy, during that one episode where Twitch kept making the same joke over and over.

  2. So its basically a bongcloud tournament?

  3. Thumbnail: No Castling

    Rook: nEAR~ fAR~ wHEREVER yOU aRE-

  4. Gotham are there any atomic chess tournaments ?🧐

  5. All these comments remind me of Modest Pelicans community. A Christian YT channel promoting hydration above all (and a lot of death in gta online, but that's another story). Comment section is insane and I like it.

  6. Hi Gotham !!! I have an idea for a vid : how to PRACTICALLY mate with knight and bishop !!! It’s so hard

  7. Instead of taking the bishop with the king or the rook I would have taken the free pawn on D5 pinning the queen to move then taking the bishop.

  8. Only rule: “No Castling”
    Bongcloud = top engine move

  9. Day 182: Of requesting Levy to cover opposite coloured bishop endgames.

    Especially when you have a slight material advantage of being up by two or three pawns against your opponent and you both have opposite coloured bishops as well.

  10. White's strongest asset is not the queen it is the pawn because once it promotes it becomes a queen which is why it's the most important of white's pieces

  11. how is wishy this good at that age, absolutely mindblowing!

  12. There has got to be a closet somewhere in the apartment, no? 🙂

  13. "It's never too late to lose everything."
    A chess principle I've proven game after game

  14. something tells me that this format wouldn't change anything for players rated 900 ELO and below

  15. Your echo is like your ego – to large probably.

  16. idk if you've already addressed this in a prior video that I missed (or in this video, I'm commenting this at about 30 seconds in :P), but you should get some sound deadening foam or something, this new room has a lot of echo.

    great video as always regardless though.

  17. The gayest man in chess doesn't want a queen in his castle

  18. „The first person to break symmetry is Kramnik“ Since he‘s black only he can do that 😅

  19. Finally, a chess variant where the Bongcloud Attack is more than viable.

  20. Vishy showing the world he's still the Tiger of Madras…

  21. 1:11
    " in many of these games you'll see h4,h5 by both players to move the rook"
    Oh yeah, like that doens't happend at all in traditional chess XD

  22. This tournament is what the bong cloud was born for

  23. Day 22 of requesting levy to cover the 2019 Sinquefield cup: The ultimate moves

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