20 Chess Rules Everyone Should Know

These are 20 rules in chess that everyone should know before playing!

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  1. Can you pin me plz I never get pinned plz I love chess to I wanna make meme to!

  2. Guys, I found a new type of chess its called
    "irl chess" in this chess all this 20 rules doesnt exist.

  3. I agree with you in #5, just move the pieces back or ignore. But I am totaly against #2. I'm pretty shure that it used not to be, but only if the illegal move is done ANOYINGLY often. Not about the 2 Hand rule etc. of course. Anyways, I play chess only for fun and can't do anything else because I'm disabled and my sickness could drive me into rage from #2. Not good if I demolished the Championship hall. Especialy, the #9 false claim has no punishment, but confusing pieces with each other has, this makes no sense. Note thet Illegal moves can already hurt you without arbieter punishment, like creating 2 same-field-color bishops. ANd #8 is the same as #2. Thank you for saying that #7 is only for tournaments, I would say in friendship games, the opposite applys. As there is no $ to win, we need fun as a reward and fun we get from as much trashtalk (or deeptalk, I prefer to be not be meen to my loved ones as long they don't cheat)

  4. Great video until number one. Such a joke was not needed.

  5. Boob was new. I must use this in my next game

  6. You can slap your opponent if he slaps you first.. but no harder than he slaps you

  7. You can only scratch your private parts with the hand you do not touch the clock. This enforced by canines with very sensitive noses who sniff you and then your clock button

  8. Your King is allowed to identify as a Queen, but only if you are also.

  9. If you are the King you can make stupid rules. And blame them on the Pope.

  10. you forgot the draw rule “timeout vs insufficient material”

  11. Il vaticano is a hoax. It is a fake move invented on the Chess Anarchy reddit in Dec. 2022.

  12. A few things.
    1. You can checkmate by en passant, even a forced one.
    2. You can checkmate by your king and 1 knight if your opponent has a pawn. It would be a smothered one in a corner with your king blocking the exit one way and the knight above the pawn.
    3. You can checkmate by castling also. It is extremely rare and never has been done in a tournament game. All conditions apply.
    4. You can get a smothered checkmate while having only 1 or 2 pieces besides your king and being down by more than 10 or more point material. It is rare and hard.
    5. You didn’t mention opposition and the ability to have tempo in pawn and king end games via the opponent king.
    Otherwise great video. Knew all the rules.

  13. Il Vaticano is not a legal chess move. It is non-sense.

  14. Were you saying that #1 was a wind up after all that or just the abrivitation BOOB

  15. Well that was disappointing, but congratulations on getting me to watch a video by telling a lie. I was wondering what the bishop taking two pawns rule was. And also disappointing is you screwed some things up on such an easy topic. Namely in the 3 move reputation rule the same player has to be on move, which you didn’t mention, and in regards to illegal moves, if a legal move is possible by the piece that was played, that must be played, which also wasn’t mentioned. On the plus side I didn’t know only “check” and “draw” and “”reject” “accept” or “j’doube” were allowed to be spoken, but I doubt that’s true also.

  16. In my opinion, I think that the rules should be like an on and off switch, where both players decide if they want a certain rule or not eg, the touch rule

  17. 7:30 did the guy in the background just capture a piece on the white square with a queen on a black square????

  18. I have never heard about several of these rules.
    are you sure you didn't make them up?

  19. El vaticano is illegal according to FIDE

  20. Petition to make a B-O-O-B move legal cause it looks fun

  21. When he said in the starting ! Abt the bishop move which he told in the last it is joke 😢 I literally watch the whole video for that 😢😢😢😢😢😢 PEOPLE LIKE ME LIKE!

  22. You can promote to a queen even if you already have a or any number of queens on the board, but only if you have sufficient physical queens (not an issue in online) and you may not proxy. Once a GM hid a queen figurine behind his back and when his opponent promoted he couldn't find a queen, so he said an upside down rook will do fine, but the arbiter said, that now this is illegal and the promotion now counts as promotion to rook.

  23. Rules 12-14 are just completely ridiculous.

  24. #7 needs to be changed. They should encourage trash talking to make it more fun

  25. 1:47 "white goes first, so is chess racist?" I bet if it was the other way around there would be no problem

  26. Number 14-12 is so unfair

  27. 4:45 Remember kids: Always play everything with one hand. Just something what Hentai games were teaching you.

  28. number 6 for me castle then king makes more sense for me bocouse castle can move 2 spaces lagally king not (in any other moves)

  29. 2:35 – "chess is not racist. It's just the rule that was created hundreds of years ago"
    You mean back when we were very much racist? 😅

  30. i once had a 52 point advantage and tried to get a position for memes, and it caused a draw by 50 move rule on move 152 lol

  31. The IL Vaticano move does not exist (in actual chess). It’s a shame that the author chose to ruin this video with misinformation, just to get more clicks. We have enough “alternative facts” in the internet. Leave chess alone.

  32. Genuinely thought il Vaticano was a real move for a second til I looked it up

  33. You should be precise about the explanation of rule #10. Castling through check.

    You had said if they control "any square in between the king and rook". That is true for casting short/king side. However, in a long castle scenario, if your opponent controls the square immediatly to the right of the queen's rook, the king may still castle, since it's not passing through that square.

    Better to phrase it that If an opponent's piece controls a square that the King would need to pass through or land on, it's not permitted.


  34. Does the one hand rule apply when performing El Vaticano ? Sounds difficult to execute.

  35. The BOOB position got me wanting to play the Steve Jackson Chess variant Knightmare Chess. It’s a classic!!!

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