30 Queens. Can Martin Win?

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Joe Kempsey:

0:00 Intro
1:34 Game 1
10:03 Game 2

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  1. This was like Levy was a pokémon nuzlocker learning the trainer AI

  2. You should be in Arkham for chess like that, that was insane.

  3. and then there's me who can't even beat Martin… lmao

  4. According to Martin's country flag, he's Russian. Explains everything needed explaining.

  5. pla pla pla uaaaaa pla pla pla uaaaa pla pla pla uaaaa😂

  6. Holy fuck. You are. So. Disgustingly. Fucking. Annoying. Stop. Making content. Why???

  7. Martin has beaten me multiple times. I'm usually watching something and not paying attention, but it hurts to lose to a bot that thinks trading a queen for a pawn is a good move.

  8. what a garbage lol i'll throw all queens blindly

  9. I like to think that when you play against Martin, you assume the role as one of his children, and he's throwing to make you feel good no matter what 🙂

  10. He was the only bot I could beat every time. Guess I'm not a natural. Took me months of studying and playing just to get back up to 400.

  11. Regular guy silently sitting on one corner being challenged and bullied by an IM. He doesn't deserve this. His children will be heartbroken once they see this.

  12. Martin throws so he can let his kids win, hes not stupid hes thoughtful

  13. I've never beaten martin
    I've lost several times to martin

  14. Obviously he lets you win, that's what a good dad would do for his kid😅

  15. martin is nice, stop bullying his queens |: (

  16. Chasing martin's king with five knights was hilarious!

  17. dumb game each qween can take each piece

  18. Still,Martin played a lot better than Bill Gates🤣🤣🤣

  19. When the AI overlords take over they’re gonna be very upset at you beating up their disabled child.

  20. Challenge: Lose, not draw, to Martin

  21. Martin is an experimental chess AI that can calculate the optimal move 0.5 turns ahead.

  22. i lost to martin the only time i went against him but drawed to a 500 bot

  23. i don’t think levy realizes how bad at chess he is. Martin shs outsmarted him multiple times, by finding incredibly dumb moves and playing those instead. he is able to see every move and which one is the best and worst. He is far more superior than levy at chess. At this point martin is the new magnus carlson.

  24. you might say that martin is the worse chess AI but i see differently. i see as he is the best AS (Artificial Stupidity)

  25. why he hating on my boy martin so much like give bro a break

  26. Respect that he promoted the pawns to horses and sacrificed DA ROOOOOOK!

  27. I can safely say, I'm pretty bad, and I'm a grandmaster compared to Martin.

  28. Martin has 100% of win chance with any move , so he does any move.!

  29. Martin is letting you win, meanwhile he's decrypting nuclear missile launch codes.

  30. pitch idea that the ai starts strong and progressively gets easier or vice versa

  31. So did you get the extra 2 pawns in the second game just to prevent the insta mate? For reference I no 0 strats in this game, I only know “the cow” from watching the tyler1 vs xqc game, other than that I just play iMessage chess with whichever of my friends will play

  32. Itd ki da sad that hes bullying Martin so much, especially bc hes the only one I can beat XDD

  33. We are all Martin's children, and he's letting us win.

  34. we need to see martin vs crazy ai Napoleon from DougDoug

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