4 Times Castling In Chess Is Bad

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You’ve been told to castle before move 10. And while that’s good a lot of the time, there are certain situations where it’s not the best idea to castle in chess. In this video, I will explain 4 situations you may want to consider NOT CASTLING.


  1. 1. When your queen is hanging
    2. When you will get checkmated if you castle
    3. When you stop protecting an important square because you castled
    4. When you miss mate in 1 you donkey

  2. "Most of the time people don't move pawns forward"
    Me: Haha…yah those people are idiots, I TOTALLY don't do that at all cries internally

  3. What does the NM mean in his name?

  4. Teaching people to castle at a certain move is bound to be bad, check your king's safety first, and if you think your king is safe, develop further or address any problems that might arise in the picture

  5. the bankrank checkmate is most probarly for earlies cuz after that they bring the rooks out and nothing blocking the king

  6. can u upload a tutorial for chess 2.0 i dont understand how the bald eagle cannot fry the arabian anaconda with kamehameha

  7. 6:51 you could also move the left rook to protect the pawn the the queen was attacking, because of this the rook will be protecting the pawn.

  8. Today, I just had someone castle against me in a game but that castle allowed me to fork both of their rooks with a pawn. I still can't figure out why they thought that was a good idea.

  9. 5th example: it is endgame and there are no threats to king so you keep it more active

  10. Dont castle when there is a murderer in your house

  11. Your channel is such a huge vibe and I love your videos!! You are my favorite chess YouTuber!!

  12. Castle is bad when tactically is led to got check mated, loosing material or worsening your position. An alone king under attack with his pieces in the other side of the board unable to protect him. When there is contrary castles there is are furious attacks demanding accurate attack and defense. Very nice games.

  13. Need to learn the real pronounciation for Fianchetto! Good video though

  14. "Castle before 10 moves is bad"
    Me who plays kings indian:👁️💧👄💧👁️

  15. 3rd situation French defense white sometimes plays the black squared bishop to h6 as the pawn is pinned by queen but that's bad cuz knight f5

  16. Thanks for this such useful video!!

  17. Castling into M2 by BxB and RxR isnt a good idea

  18. Sometimes u shouldnt castle because it can cost mid game when u need both rooks attacking 2 rooks, you can get checkmated if u move both of you rooks out.

  19. There's another example, although it's similar to number 3: castling in front an open file, or worse, 2 open files. If your opponent's a and/or b, or g and/or h pawns are gone, you don't want to castle there, or it will be very easy for your opponent to just put a rook on these files and hammer your castle.

  20. Most of the wins I get in 3-minute chess is due to the opponent castling early and getting their König pinned

  21. 4 times not to castle: mate in 1, mate in 2, mate in 3, mate in 4

  22. 24/7 I did high level players and I didn’t know why I thought it was just better

  23. Black castles king side in very few of French defense variations. (Tarrash and some variations of early advance)

  24. Ah looks like I’ll have to go with plan B. Blundering the queen

  25. I once boxed pretty much the entirity of my opponents pieces into the left side of the board after they castled to the left, leaving myself a queen, two rooks, and 2 pawns attacking up the gh- files with king and a horse XD. It was brutal but honestly my own pawns where the only thing preventing mate xD

  26. At 3:52 I'm questioning why he didn't trade pieces knight and bishop attacked the one pawn and we know the bishops and slightly better than knights so I'm wondering why KG5 the BG5 isn't an option??

  27. When I castle I make sure I push a pawn so there a hole if I am trapped but I don’t ride queens so I put my king rooks in the middle and stack to attack the king

  28. I realized I've often castled simply for its own sake, not because it would make my King more secure. I get cornered when my opponent directs all their resources to that corner! So I prefer to keep my King relatively close to the center where I have some mobility options but well defended.

  29. @3:43, this is the kind of thing I would fall into, especially in faster games

  30. watching this at 1am becuz we have intrams tmr and i suck at chess

  31. As a general rule, I tend to castle early as that is the orthodoxy, and I have often beaten opponents who did not castle in time. But sometimes I have lost to opponents who anticipated the castling habit and targeted that area. Sometimes I weakened the position by an injudicious pawn move. G3 or F3.
    Sometimes I have escaped an attack by castling queenside when the opponent expected kingside castling.

  32. "there are some times when castling is bad" like for example when your queen is hanging unprrtected

  33. It may be because I`m an aggressive player, but I am of the opinion that you shouldn`t castle unless A) your king is in immediate danger and castling is the best defense, or B) it furthers an attack. They say castling early is a good move, but I would disagree. Your king has just lost the one move that enhances his mobilty, and that basically paints a target on his back.

  34. 6:24 why would h4 be a problem, because it's evidence of a pawn storm?

  35. Also a 5th time, you are white and have an attack going and cant afford losing tempo. Especially when black has no realistic counterattacking opportunities right now one can afford castling later.

  36. Good Tactical Advice for Novice and experienced players.

  37. Its also bad when you have a free queen and castle instead of taking it. Trust me, i did it not long ago

  38. Such a good video, I once castled into danger and ACTUALLY lost by force in 8 moves. And I never did that again XD

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