5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. You can with lost on time but not enough pieces

  2. Stalemate should just be counted as a win becuase if you've forced your opponent into that position you've won

  3. Harry potter plays chess?……….

  4. At 50 move rule either party can claim a draw. At 75 the draw is forced. It happens so often at 50 because draws are desirable to continuing.

  5. So today I versed Martin and I did good I was only winning by 65 points that is mid got checkmated blocked the checkmate by sacrificing THE KING and win the game

  6. I finded out the 50moves draw when i tried to checkmate opponent with king and rook

  7. Everyone is talking about timeout vs insufficient material but forgot resignation VS insufficient material.

  8. only 4 ways technically. The second one perpetual check doesn't really draw unless. Either 3 or 4, or another one of the draws happens. Either a 3 fold repetition or 50-move rule will cause the game to end in a draw, if they don't agree beforehand or somehow stalemate happens during the perpetual.

  9. I don't think perpetual check is really a condition that causes a draw, it's just usually leads to a threefold repetition. Also, there's a 75-move rule similar to the 50-move one. If both players haven't captured or moved a pawn in the last 50 moves, both players can claim a draw. But if this lasts for 75 move, it will be a forced draw

  10. Endless checks ISN’T a rule, it’s a result of the other ways to draw.

  11. Your favorite, stalemate
    No,stalemate is not our favorite

  12. "A Perfect Chess Game Will Always End in A Draw"

  13. In Chess I can get myself into a bad situation and flip the board in anger!

  14. Perpetual check is eventually threefold repetition

  15. INCORRECT! If you run out of time when you can't checkmate the other person it will count as a draw making it the last drawing method. This happened in one of my bullet games before.

  16. The sixth way: Time-out vs Insufficent material

  17. I found a sixth way, timeout but the opponent has a queen

  18. Incorrect. The "not enough material" is more strict, there is no series of moves leads to checkmate. No need to be a forced checkmate. So if an unforced checkmate is possible then it is not a draw.

  19. Force mate is not FIDE as long can mate by any sequence ie 2N vs K

  20. Of course I knew them all. I don't see the need for the perpetual check rule. It leads to threefold repetition anyway.
    Note that neither threefold repetition nor the fifty move rule is an automatic draw. Only if one of the players claims a draw is it a draw.

  21. theres also draw by dead position where no side can make ptogress because the position is fully locked

  22. U did forgot about photogenic position draw.

  23. Bruh when there are only two kings on the board it,s a tie

  24. Perpetual check is not the fifth way. Perpetual check leads to repetition or 50-move rule. The real fifth way is timeout vs insufficient material.

  25. Gotham, perpetiual check is 3 fold and the material: If help-mate is possible it is not a tie

  26. Timeout vs insufficient material
    75 move rule (draw is forced whereas 50 move rule is not if both players want to continue
    5fold repetition (again draw is forced whereas 3fold repetition is not if both players want to continue

  27. What is unique to perpetual checks that isn't already encompassed by threefold repetition and the 50 move rule?

  28. I find it weird how you draw even if you manage to put your oponent into a situation they cant recover from. Like sure I cant take your king, but you can't move your king nor can you escape check, how is that considered us being on equal footing?

  29. There is also one i just found out about. If one times out with the opponent only a king its a draw. Not a loss

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