9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. I am a mere 1200 rated rapid player, but I think I see why Nd7?? at 3:35 was such a mistake. The kid could then play Ncd5, attacking the queen, which is the only defender of the black knight on c4. If the Andrea tries to save the knight, she either walks into a royal fork (… Qc8 Nxde7+) or a triple discovered attack (… Qc4 Nxde7+ Kh8 Nde6), so at the very least the kid wins a rook and the e pawn for a knight. So she'd be down material with an isolated d pawn and an enemy knight happily camped out close to her king, with reinforcement soon on the way. Very not good for Andrea.

    So Andrea has to give up her knight. I think …Qd8 would have been the best response, protecting the d pawn, but even so she's down a knight and white has activated their queen, with the rooks and bishop soon to follow.

    But the kid didn't see it. Both of them might have seen it if they had more time. I probably wouldn't have seen it no matter what lol.

  2. The kid knew he was going to win from the start.

  3. She was blended so many times, how she got high score 🤣

  4. She looks so out of place with all these people around her i love it

  5. If a ten year old beats a professional chess player, they ARE a professional chess player😂

  6. I'm not watching chess but I am watching the people who are watching the chess😂❤

  7. im 9 and im sitting on my couch playing fifa lol

  8. Watching this kid's victory I am thinking of mine 😂

  9. That’s what happens when you talk lol. The kid was fully focused.

  10. The problem with her is she talks too much and doesn’t play enough


  12. When I defeated my father in a classic game for the first time, he got a bad stomach next morning and puked at the grocery store

  13. nice in case you lost in prpuse that kid was so happy 🥺

  14. she won't quit yapping eh buh buh buh boy?
    You take the King,and then shove it up her nose.


  15. Oi,Andrea… Kak hang nama apa? Lupa Abang pun… Adessss

  16. Black Is very very very very very very very Noob

  17. When you have to play, play, don't talk…😂 (Good, Bad & Beauty)

  18. Can you please change the head to "….. Professional streamer in chess"

  19. She may be talented, but she's also obnoxious and distracting. Not exactly fair play in a game of concentration.

  20. Her smile only can chessmate my heart 😂💖

  21. She thought that he doesn't know to f__k but he is a p__y killer😂

  22. Just a gift for the child, the woman sacrificed the king in vain without it being for the sake of an offensive scheme threatening the opponent !

  23. well done for posting this, many would have been to embarrassed

  24. He is such a cutie 💓
    Respect my little bro 🙏🏻
    Keep at it 💪 and you will definitely be a chess legend 🙌 ❤

  25. A wise man once said

    " No matter how hard you try a child prodigy will always be better than you "

  26. That pure joy when realised he defeated her

  27. Andrea you were very humble and sweet that was cool

  28. Geez, a 9 year old with 2300 Lichess rating. that's crazy.

  29. 4:20 — don't understand why she sacrifices her queen without any compensation. She says she didn't see it but I don't buy that. I learned to play chess less than 3 weeks ago but I doubt that I'd miss that anything that obvious

  30. If someone could just dethrone magnus…

    Maybe this kid will.

  31. Podéis poner la cámara, enfocando la escena, a 1000 km, de distancia, a lo mejor se ven mejor las jugadas.

  32. Cala a boca mulher, de tanto falar perdeu, vede

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