A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. If the black player is not move bishop g 5 then what to do

  2. After e3 why doesn’t black play e6 no checmate then bishop is already trapped

  3. Plot twist:my opponent and me Both are watching this🀝☠️

  4. I like this. But I will not subscribe until I see it 30 more this good.

  5. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ GREAT

  6. so it’s pretty much fools mate: me trap bishop variation

  7. But what if instead of 6 … R-h6, they play 6 … e6. Yes you get a check, but your bishop is still trapped. They may even be able to get away with 6 … K-f7, and you don't even have a meaningful check.

  8. Pawn to e7 for Black would be much better than sending the rook to the universe … Blacks fault is that he chases the bishop and looking for Material instead of developing his pieces. All Material sacrafices at the opening game are a common way to win a tempo … if Black falls for it, sorry: it's not yours

  9. he will just move pawn in front of king to make space

  10. What if opponent moves a different pawn?

  11. What if opponent doesn't move that pawn which is 90% of time

  12. Even they play dutch they wont place rook there
    The open kings escape from otherside

  13. Some call this β€œhope chess”. Black still would have a chance even if Nf6 were played instead of h5.

  14. Sweet. I'll forget this in a year when someone finally uses it against me.

  15. Sorry, but everytime i hear this guys's voice i remember Iglesias joke "to make and indian accent u just need to replace de T with a D… like 'DOND DELL ME WHAD DO DO"

  16. Har koi queen/king ka hi pawn move krta he shuruwat me chutiya mt bnaπŸ˜‚

  17. No one would go with that pawn opening (black)🀌

  18. Cant black just move either the e or d pawn?

  19. I can literally mute the video and say his chesstalks same to same…

  20. imagine if your opponent plays king or queen pawn opening later to evade checkmate instead.

  21. Fun fact your opponents are also watching this video

  22. what about nf6 doesn't it guards the h5?

  23. My mind is blow because I win chess in semi final

  24. any move other than what you said and bishop's gone – for free btw

  25. I've actually done this in person to a friend before. I told him he shouldn't be pushing his kingside pawns against me and he wouldn't listen

  26. This is another example for queen sacrifice for mate

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