A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. What if black played pawn c6 then queen a5 😶

  2. Dude I see two move to defeat mine

  3. เมธัญญา แสนเกษม says:

    Oh i stop play it looooong time

  4. if i were the black why would i be triggered with your bishop if its not threatening me

  5. Bro 1 doubt , insted of playing rh6 can we play kf7

  6. Lekin samne wale ne first move kuch aur chal diya toh?????

  7. Man I am not smart enough to understand what you said

  8. > saw this video
    > want to try it out
    > the opponent didn't do pf5

  9. Give me a break I bet you these exact plays never even happened yet in real life, maybe one day they will eventually lol

  10. Thanks for the tips,ill try to do that in the game ill be joining

  11. I am very happy after seeing this video and try to apply it but the opponent do not do the same step😢😢

  12. If after trapping bishop black moves queens pawn then with there be any benfit?

  13. Wait …. Are we playing for black, or white?

  14. Is the opponent bound to kill the queen with castle? If not, why would he kill the queen if he aware bishop is there?

  15. Didn’t work. Instead of using castle, they moved a pawn to free the king 🙁

  16. Tried it, everthing gone wrong. My bishop never gets trapped.

  17. Im new to chess, can someone pls explain how is that a checkmate? Thanks in advance

  18. I'm not gonna tell you how I trap my enemies in chess

  19. It's not famous opening for black…

    Then surely the one who use that opening knows about that traps. The ups and down..

  20. Possibilities of probability? For opponent move may change

  21. Loosing queen and getting a tower?

  22. Ooooh boy, I've been looking for video like this.
    Xyrus!!! Get ready!!! YOU ARE GOING DOWN THIS TIME!!!

  23. Usually, anyone who moves the piece on f7 first, only know the rules of the game but have no strategy…

  24. Bro you could have killed the queen in 2 moves

  25. This will work only for defeating beginners

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