A to Z chess in ENGLISH

Learn how to play chess from A to Z in English! This video will teach you the basics of chess and help you improve your game. Perfect for beginners and chess enthusiasts alike.HOW TO PLAY CHESS vol 3 Please -Subscribe, like, share click bell icon, English, BOBBY Fischer, Spassky, A to Z chess, World championship, Anand, Carlsen Judit Polger, Writing moves, Kind of draws, ELO ratings, Importance of knight, castling,
How to play chess – Complete details about playing chess with tips & tricks in ENGLISH, championship match
chess board position, , king, queen, bishop, knight, rook & pawn powers, moves, attack, defense, check, mate, draws, pin,fork, discovered attack, x-ray attack,stale mate, 50 moves rule, repetition of moves, insufficient material are discussed.Anand,Carlsen,Morozevich,

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