Alexander Alekhine’s King Hunt in King’s Gambit

Alexander Alekhine’s King Hunt in King’s Gambit.

About Alexander Alekhine:
** Alexander Alekhine was the fourth World Chess Champion
** By the age of 22, Alekhine was already among the strongest chess players in the world.
** He became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating José Raúl Capablanca.
** Alekhine is known for his fierce and imaginative attacking style, combined with great positional and endgame skill.
** He is highly regarded as a chess writer and theoretician, having produced innovations in a wide range of chess openings and having given his name to Alekhine’s Defence and several other opening variations.
** He also composed some endgame studies.
** Alekhine is the only World Chess Champion to have died while holding the title.

About Kings Gambit:
The King’s Gambit is a chess opening that begins with the moves:

1. e4 e5
2. f4
White offers a pawn to divert the black e-pawn.
If Black accepts the gambit, White may play d4 and Bxf4, regaining the gambit pawn with central domination, or direct their forces against the weak square f7 with moves such as Nf3, Bc4, 0-0, and g3.
A downside to the King’s Gambit is that it weakens White’s king’s position, exposing it to the latent threat of …Qh4+ (or …Be7–h4+), which may force White to give up castling rights.

The King’s Gambit is one of the oldest documented openings, appearing in one of the earliest chess books, Luis Ramírez de Lucena’s Repetición de Amores y Arte de Ajedrez (1497).
It was examined by the 17th-century Italian chess player Giulio Cesare Polerio.
The King’s Gambit was one of the most popular openings until the late 19th century, when improvements in defensive technique led to its decline in popularity.
It is infrequently seen at master level today, as Black has several methods to obtain equality, but is still popular at amateur level.

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