Amazing 0-0-0 checkmate 😱

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Amazing 0-0-0 checkmate from Hikaru Nakamura


  1. "An amazing long castle checkmate by Lasker!"

  2. bro got defeated by a man who can slap but can also stroke

  3. Что за тупая музыка на фоне

  4. 9999999999999999999999999999998766557999888899999999999999999999999u9999999999999999999999989999999999999999888 million level rare chaclmates iq

  5. The video: chess checkmate
    The music: I wear women’s underwear

  6. Pow:Your Play Magnus Carsel Magnus CARSEL ( White Challelnge) 10 seconds ChecktMate.

    Or Hikaru…

  7. Brilliant and beautiful, but it would also have been possible to force a checkmate in only 4 moves.

  8. Gördüğüm en iyi mat adamım

  9. Il y avait plus facile pour mater…

  10. bro personalized the checkmate wthhh😃😃😃

  11. Why pawn f7 didn't take knight g6?

  12. Мат рокировкой это сильно

  13. Bro literally kidnapped black king and then murdered

  14. bro got forced to run to the other side of the board 😭

  15. Do you also care about the activity in the center?

  16. How do you write that in algebraic notation??? 0-0-0# XD?

  17. The thing is, you need to examine what the player is doing and check if its not random, notice blunders, and always pay attention to gameplay.

  18. Bro knew he got checkmate in ??? Moves I didn't count

  19. Как реалистично, король точно пойдет вперед

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