Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. When the knight forks, just when the knight forks, instead of keeping the king on the seventh rank, bring it to e6 for a discovered check winning the knight

  2. When the king is at c7 all you need to do is to movethe knight next to the king

  3. This would actually lead to a draw if the black king decides to go from d7 to c6 instead of c7.

  4. If it was black to move instant win
    I think

  5. U forgot about king e6 after the fork

  6. thanks for showing me how to win that endgame at the end lol

  7. But what if black doesn’t move their bishop to protect checkmate what if the king moves?

  8. If I can check the King by the bishop, then why did I let him take this?

  9. But you can check with the bishop and avoid the attack of the rook

  10. He can move the knight when the black king is on the e7 square because the black king will protect it

  11. In the beginning photo, just take the bishop and the knight is trapped 🤷‍♂️

  12. Trust me, this plan will fail instantly at “your friend will move his bishop to control H1” because I have no friends 😂

  13. hello! I wanted to ask, couldn't the bishop when being skewered move to d5? it would be a check and then the knight would move

  14. Bro take it it A3 and make it H3 and white won the game

  15. ananananananananananananananananananananananananan says:

    why not just move the king up or down, checking the opposing king with rook?

  16. Push pawn to b6 first before king a7 to prevent black king to push to c6 position.

  17. Before this video just before opening yt i resigned a game with the same f position

  18. İn the beginning pawn to b3 is better move i guess, cause bishop cant hold checkmate threat

  19. You can simply push the pawn in the first and be a forced checkmate

  20. wait how about pushing the pawn that would be unstoppable mate?

  21. Why not just move the pawn? The bishop won’t be able to protect the h2 square.

  22. What if they move the knight to d6 before getting captured? now the white king cannot capture it because it's protected by the black king.

  23. Yes 2v1 is hard but i am have 3v1 bishop knight and rock vs rock and 2 pawns

  24. "These four squares are the worst possible places for a knight"

    The corner squares: "am I a joke to you"

  25. why not bishop d5 check
    then you can simply move the knight and both are the pieces are safe

  26. The worst possible places to trap the knight are the corners they can be captured by the king alone. if the knight is on A8 and the king is at d5 then U move the king to C6 and the knight is trapped. Also it is so common for the knight to be jailed by a bishop lif he is at d8 and the bishop is guarding at d5.

  27. Bishop gives a check and knight moves after whatever king move comes next
    Edit: they can pin your knight

  28. No that was not even a checkmate you just move bishop infront😂

  29. What if RA5 nd then RH5? does that not means check mate? Idk im lazy to calculate ;-;

  30. U could check with bishop then move the horse

  31. Why knight can't be moved in the last step before king eats the knight 😶😶😶

  32. End games are just 14 terabytes of data 😂😂😂

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