Andrew Tate’s First Brilliant Chess Move On House Arrest

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I was a beginner 3 years ago and actually remember what it was like…


  1. is there any proof that's his game? i mean where did you get it from?

  2. And that’s why Leon Edwards has the most aesthetic body in the universe!

  3. So right about video games it's a huge time waste and ruined my life, wish I put all that time into chess

  4. 1:35 this is exactly why e-sports will never beat traditional sports imo. the inconsistency lies in the constant updates video games have unlike traditional sports where the rules barely, if not, never change at all. one game that i know of that barely has updates is counter-strike which imo is the best fps e-sport simply bc of its consistency and simplicity (simplicity is cool coz it breeds more creativity. kinda like sports with simple rules like football/soccer)

  5. I'm only 600 elo but I was surprised that when you said to pause the video I didn't and both the moves you said were the ones that popped into my head

  6. Bulching in the video, where are your manners, my man?😂 Nice hat tho

  7. You’re taking your videos to a new level, gaining confidence on camera. Love the hat as well.

  8. the queen move wasn't really a sacrifise if the pawn was pinned?

  9. Dam if only his opponent knew he was actually really playing Andrew tate

  10. That burp was disgusting. I'm not suprised you're english.

  11. 6:12 he prevented a discovery check which if he ignored, he would have lost his queen

  12. Queen A5, is not really a good move, BURPS like a real G. man you are a gem

  13. Just hit 1500 elo and feel like the top g. Also what is his account?

  14. Great stuff, no need to explain the hat, its cool

  15. Tates opponent managed it to get a big disadvantage in the opening.

  16. Nice recap but that is not at all a queen sacrifice bro. Its just threatening mate

  17. please learn the difference between 'he's' and 'his' it's so poor that you don't know it already

  18. the only checkmate i saw was the one tate implemented

  19. For those who believe its Andrew's game play🤭

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