Arbiter EXPLAINS to Wesley So that He Can’t CASTLE When His King is in Check Against Nepomniachtchi

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  1. Arbiter: “You’re in check, you can’t castle”
    Wesley: So?

  2. While Sagar Shah is busy streaming with Samay raina, Amruta Mokul mam is doing the job of Arbiter here.

  3. Castling is always regarded as the king's move (not the rook's), but that's what confuses Wesley. His logic is that, because castling here doesn't move the king, it's not the king's move, and therefore, the requirement that the king not be in check doesn't apply. The rook simply moves to block the check, which is normally a legal move.

  4. What an oddly specific rule… Not being able to castle when your king is in check against Nepo in particular… and yet it's perfectly fine if your king is in check against someone else.

  5. Played so many games that u starting to forget some basic ABC rules haha

  6. It makes a little sense because in a normal game casting doesn't prevent the attack of the square the king was on(e8) and is therefore illegal to castle out of the attack but here the castle prevents the attack of the square the king is on g8. So it should just be like blocking a check.

  7. The arbiter is hot – this is why i took up chess – for the chicks!

  8. Dude this is sad wesley lose because he thinks he can castle while his king check

  9. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    lol as it turns out Wesley doesn't play 960 all the time. Meaning wesley really was talented enough to beat Magnus the 1st time. This is GOOD news.

  10. If you look at the position it’s clear Wesley is going to lose. He is actually in DENIAL. His brain doesn’t want to accept the possibility of him losing so he literally just rejects it.

  11. Wesley's been playing so bad lately. Horrible performance from the ex-champion

  12. If I become Wesley and faces this situation …
    I'll took my King pieces, pocket it into my suit, stop my time and go back to hotel.

  13. Arbiter : "Wesley, you can't castling your King when your King in under check."
    Wesley : "Sorry, Who are you?"
    Arbiter : "I'm chess arbiter in this tournament."
    Wesley : "Ok, and I'm super GM. 😏"
    Ian : "@#$%@#$%$ … 😑😑😑 "

  14. The confusion was that the king will not moving during castling..

  15. Do they lose on the first illegal move at Fischer Random? Weird, because in rapid you don't lose on the first illegal move any more, they have changed that.

  16. This woukd've been a thousand times better if there was audio. A pity… I wonder when chess broadcasters will figure this out.

  17. You can’t castle out if check.
    Maybe it’s not written that way in the rulebook.

  18. Wesley and his brother got on stage. They got introduced as "Mr. So and So"

  19. Over the past year I have become a fan of Nepo's Nips

  20. It's official: I know more about chess than Wesley So.

  21. Maybe he's been playing a lot of duck chess online lately and just got a brain fart.

  22. Nepo is really out of shape. He would not last long on the front line.

  23. I remember my rapid game when my opponent made an illegal castle (king was under check) but I didnt tell anything because it was also tactical blunder for him 🤣

  24. He’s already so good without knowing the rules.

  25. What do you mean the king can't move like a knight? It is the f'ing king, it can do what it wants!

  26. Maybe Wesley thought some of the rules were random in this setup

  27. I get why he might have thought he could block with the rook as he isn't actually moving the king. But at the same time in normal chess if you get checked by a Knight you can't just castle. So it's pretty crazy he thought he could just castle while in check

  28. Wesley: "I will castle out of check"
    Ian: "I don't think, So"

  29. What has Wesley So been smoking? Haha😂😂😂

  30. No it really makes sense in that position to legally castle, the king would not be moving.

  31. FLIESOnTheWall - A Vitruosi Gathering says:

    Same thing happened in a very high-profile billiards match, one of the top 3 players in the world got confused and a referee paused the match to explain about a basic rule, on live tv. Btw, Ian's left shoulder speaks for the right shoulder and his tummy spoke for itself.

  32. Well, the castling in 960 is stupid either way.
    Why is it defined by the outcome (i.e. "the pieces will end in the same spots as if it was regular chess") and not by the process?
    Castling in 960 would be much more logical, if it was done in a way that "the king moves half (rounded up) the distance towards the rook, and the rook jumps one square over the new king's position." I.e. if the rook and king were 3 or 4 squares apart (like in normal chess short and long castle), the king would move 2 squares to the rook (like in normal chess). If they stood next to each other, they would simply swap places, etc.

  33. That is insane. I wonder how long he has been doing that and then telling people "I'm a grand Master I know"

  34. In this particular case, He just got confused because the final result from castling didn't imply to move the king. It was more like Blocking the check with the rook… perhaps that was the confusión…(In this case Castling just means to move the Rook to f8…SO you don't touch the king.)

  35. Even I know you can't castle out of check, and I'm 1200.

  36. Gotta love the 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤨🤨

  37. Are you fucking kidding me??? 🤣😂🤣

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