Arbiter EXPLAINS to Wesley So that He Can’t CASTLE When His King is in Check Against Nepomniachtchi

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  1. That’s why he is called GUEYsley Sucker 😂

  2. this is not a blunder. he didnt know the rule of 960. He thought castle in check was allowed bc all pieces started from different position

  3. Wesley is the current 960 champion, lol. Maybe they were arguing about something else.

  4. Nepo's expressions tell the whole story 🙂 .

  5. castling rules in Fischer random are more complicated, but basic principles are same as in classical chess. Wesley had to know this, he is experienced Fischer random player. Of course he cannot castle when his king is in check

    But sometimes weird things happen with very experienced grandmasters . During Korchnoi- Karpov match Korchnoi asked arbiter if he can castle when his rook is attacked. Arbiter was very surprised, but answered : yes, you can castle if your rook is under attack , but your king and all squares between king and rook are not attacked. I am pretty sure Korchnoi knew this in first grade of chess school, but somehow forgot when he was World Champion challenger.

  6. While i cant seem to comprehend thoroughly Wesley's tragic blunder i can understand that at some point even experts of a certain field can have a sudden brain dysfunction where they forget the basics of their own fields . The human brain as complex and brilliant as it is can also be fragile and vulnerable at times

  7. hopefully he knows how the Queen moves, maybe he did not knew that she can swipe up the hole Board

  8. Zombie Fischer is turning around in his grave in Iceland and contemplating chewing So's brains

  9. Wesley has certainly got her number 😆

  10. Where is the Wesley bot 😂
    Come and write your essay here, explain to me why Wesley did this

  11. Ian looks like a drunk man who spilled wine over his shirt

  12. this is BS. such a lucky win for Nepo from confused 960 rules🤦🏻‍♂

  13. rough… the world champion at chess960 doesn't know the rules.

  14. Arbiter: you can't do that

    Terminator: (pumps shotgun) Wrong!

  15. Time to come back to motherland 😂….Americann strategy: if you can't make them, just buy them 😂…

  16. It's 960 and he want block check with castling , or moving rook in the way, but sadly castling is a king move in normal chess maybe he thought it's a rook move in 960.

  17. What next? Arbiter explains to Magnus how knight moves?

  18. Bobby Fischer is doing the Irish Jig in his grave

  19. Not a gm yet, but I know this rule

  20. Among the first things you learn when learn how pieces move, is that you can't castle while in check. WTF is Wesley smoking?

  21. This ist probably chess960 , there the castling process can be unusual.

  22. Well…… hey, I don't know man…. weird…… meh, hm…. huh, not sure brrr…. yikes?…. – Nepo probably.

  23. Guys understand that this is a unique situation because the king is actually not moving in order to castle. One might argue that its just a special rook move and so you can use your rook to block the check. It makes sense to have a suspicion that its legal to do it. But he should have definitely asked an arbiter for clarification before going for this line

  24. We all have memory lapses and forget simple things sometimes. Have you ever been looking for your phone when it was in your hand all along? Have you ever put a frozen item in the fridge instead of the freezer? We all have had moments of silly forgetfulness or confusion. Some of y’all are being too hard on Wesley. Just because he’s one of the top chess players, and the reigning 960 world champion, doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to have mental blunders.

  25. gotta get those digits from her some how

  26. Friendly reminder to turn your volume back down after watching this 🙂

  27. Nepo was like "Really, Wesley, really? Do you want them to explain how the knights move as well?"

  28. Even if it is Fischer Random how can a 2700+ player and a Fischer Random former champion not know the rules of castling?

  29. Today's Chess Question: How many times did Nepo raise his shoulders?

  30. I think he disassembles. If I know it , he surely does. That was nasty.

  31. there talking to wesley like hes a little child

  32. It seems Nepo is angry for no reason. Wtf..

  33. If there’s no audio, don’t make a fucking video about people talking. You stupid child.

  34. I'm worried that the "Fischer Random World Champion" doesn't know all of the rules of Fischer Random. Kind of demeans the competition a little

  35. You would think a grandmaster would know that….wait am I know a grandmaster???

  36. Had no clue you could even castle in 960

  37. I think, he blundered and just trying to cover up. 🙄🙄

  38. Your mind can play tricks on you, especially towards the end of a long exhausting last round game. After 5+ hours of play, and having fought back from a four pawn deficit in a queen&pawn endgame I thought I saw a one move checkmate. But not believing my tired eyes, I announced 'checkmate' and the guy resigned. It felt like an illusion where if I had touched my queen the position would have disappeared and I would have been back to staring at a dead lost game. This to win (well, tie for first) the Ohio State Championship (well, the under 2000 section).
    Kc1/Qh1/ke2/qf2/pe3/ph2 where my (unplayed) Qd1 would have been mate.

  39. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    This is unbelievable.

    But eh congratulations to the new world RAPID Fischer random champion. I knew Wesley wouldn't win in lower time controls. What's next ultra bullet?

  40. Wesley has reasons for his confusion but he really should've looked up the rules beforehand. This is an amateur mistake no matter what scenario. You cannot just assume that they have the same rules as chesscom.

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