Arbiter EXPLAINS to Wesley So that He Can’t CASTLE When His King is in Check Against Nepomniachtchi

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  1. Chess is always different… 😂😂😂 Hilarious !

  2. Was he taking the piss of the situation or was he serious? 😆

  3. Wow such a basic game and even the pros don’t know the rules.

  4. god save him from en passant….

  5. Wow disrespect to Nemo by Wesley So. I expected better 🤦‍♂️

  6. I can perhaps understand that someone might not know castling is illegal when a square your king passes over in the process of castling is attacked by an opposing piece. Queenside castling might be susceptible to this scenario, but I can’t believe a grandmaster doesn’t know it’s illegal to castle when your king is in check! 😂

  7. Can we get more explanation what happened here? Did he have a stroke?

  8. Normal chess is really just a battle of who can memorize things better.

    Fischer Random should be the default chess.

  9. its impossible to become a grandmaster without knowing the rules of chess, this video is a joke clearly

  10. Well, Nepo has grown himself quite a pair of tits.

  11. I was so confused how he thought he could castle with a king on g8. Then I realized it's 960.

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