Attacking The Castled King Tactics! Concepts + Examples of Checkmating Your Opponent’s Castled King

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  1. #1 chess channel on Youtube! Not passive aggressive like Levy, or loud and crazy like the Botez girls, and there is not 600 arrows on the board like Hikaru haha thanks for what you do Nelson! I am actually learning to play chess from your videos.

  2. Awesome puzzle lesson formula & concepts, breaking it down like a champ ๐Ÿ†

  3. Nelson, at 5:15 isnโ€™t it directly checkmate if you just move the bishop to B1? I mean you open the checkmate from the rook again and the pawn is still pinned!

  4. This is really helpful thanks.
    Maybe the next one in this series should be how to defend the castled king against such tactical attacks.

  5. Thank you for this high quality chess puzzles! Glad I solved each and every one of them.

  6. I would wonder how good exactly it would be, if Mr. Lopez and Mr. Rozman, coop at at least one Videoproject? Instructive calm meets instructive entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The thumbnail… why is no one talking about it?

  8. you were that guy that the chess nerd cruched in a blitz game ๐Ÿ˜‚right

  9. In puzzle 2 it's completely winning but white would likely not attack your king. They would take the rook for their queen and hope you slip up in a more complicated state.

  10. You know… 3 queens usually hit the spot… But it's hard to start with them.

  11. ืขื ืช ืœื™ืคืฉื™ืฅ says:

    on 8:54 the black can win the queen

  12. Last position shows how important it is to detect key squares (h4 here).

  13. Funny cause the only one I got right was the 2600 one haha love the videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Queen h3 should also be winning in the second example. White has no checks and can't do anything about both mating threats

  15. Great video! I actually was able to figure out some of the moves!

  16. With all due respect, this is a much better video than playing against Martin with ridiculous rules.

  17. 16:54 Ha! I solved one that Nelson didn't! (Incidentally, I followed his logic with Qg6 and saw up to … g5 and decided to bail out there. My only uncertainty was whether White had time for the next move of that piece.

    (Later:) I didn't know that puzzles had specific ratings. I knew the came at different levels, but I didn't know that they could be correlated that way.

  18. Very nice lesson! Liked how they got progressively harder.

  19. 9:15 if king goes g1 queen to h3 wonโ€™t check and then knight h4 protecting g2 sacking the knight but preventing mate

  20. Nelson, have you any videos talking about what moves or what kind of game you'd like to play, as opposed to what an engine would say is optimal? For example some e4 openings lead to exchange of pieces and I might prefer to have more choice what pieces to keep. Your video on playing (or not) the Fried Liver as black was an example of choosing what kind of game one is comfortable with. Are there more?

  21. I found the last one easier to visualize than the previous.

  22. This video boosted my confidence because I spotted g5 in the last puzzle and several other ones in the video. I'm not that great at chess but I play puzzles a lot and find them a lot of fun.

  23. In the first intermediate puzzle I see Rh8+ is also interesting because of Qa4+ Kg8 Be6 Rfe1 I wonder if black is still somehow winning or if black can tuck in the king safe in the center somehow

  24. at 8:58 if you take white's queen and they recapture with the rook you have a fork

  25. What happens in last puzzle if after you go rook f4 opponent play a5 or c5? I dont see the following

  26. I always end up on the defensive end of these situations and get checkmated from way downtown, usually due to a battery attacking my castled king with three pawns on the 7th rank, and perhaps even the castled rook next to the king. There is one principle that says castle before move 10, there is probably a 36th principle which dictates when is the best time to dismantle the castle structure. I cannot find a reference (video or other) for that. Nelson or anyone ?

  27. I have started playing chess again, and you are as helpful as you were few years ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Nelson for being Bob Ross of chessโค

  28. Best channel for chess to provide wings to master anyone especially,subscriber regular viewer of it

  29. Excellent content! Concise! Information-packed! Multiple take-aways! 18-minute total time!
    Ben Finegold, take notes!!

  30. Iโ€™m a bit confused about third puzzle because after all that they still could play nf3 preventing qh4. After you play qh8, white can play g3 giving space for the king to run. You canโ€™t play rook to h2 because the knight is protecting that square. Plying rook to h3 doesnโ€™t help either because the white king can go to g2 and protect the pawn and get an escape route. If you play Queen to g8 now, itโ€™s already too late. The king has an escape route and white can threaten winning the bishop by playing rook to b1 then pawn to b4.

  31. Another awesome video. Without doubt the best to explain chess on you tube. Beautiful work. Thank you

  32. well explained, good stuff. what are the questions to ask to find these moves? its easy to spot when you ask us to find the right move. but what are the questions you ask every move?

  33. for 2:26 puzzle why couldn't you have sacrificed your rook on h1 king takes then you play queen h4?

  34. how did i not solve the intermediate ones but solved one of the master ones???

  35. 8:52 You can actually win an exchange here after Qxd1 Rxd1 and Nxf2+. So yes, there is a follow-up, but it's not as good.

  36. You are reaching the quality of channels like Danya, fine gold or even Igor Smirnov! Keep up man, very instructive

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