Automated Chess – Square Off! Remote Play! CES 2023


  1. Great, Skynet is taking over chess now!!

  2. Looks awesome but so many people saying it only worked for a sort time then broke ect and the company will just ignore you, shame

  3. One of the longest running crowd funding scams on KickStarter …

  4. They are scammers .. Maybe you exhibit chess at exhibitions. That's to fool us and steal the money.

  5. मे Learn करने के लिये delete बोलता हुं और भुलने के लिये मेरा लिखा Macintos का गाली बोलता हुं किंग

  6. मे रोवोट को शतरंज खिलाने का काम करना है किंg

  7. मुझे चाहिये यह चीज किंग

  8. I'm still waiting for the chessboard I ordered in February 2022

  9. What's that black model? I've gone been able to find the wooden one.

  10. Read reviews before you buy! People are having lots of issues and customer service is lousy!

  11. Is there some kind of remote chess board ,, so I could play with a friend that’s out of state ?? And not have to play on an app. I like playing on a real board …. Is that a thing ?? Thanks in advanced.

  12. Worst service, I haven't received yet the first version after placing the order, it's been 1 year now @SquareOffChess

  13. how would the knight move if there is something blocking

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