Basics of Chess For Beginners | Part-1 | All about Castling, Live Demonstration

Book your online course today on . Castling is a significant chess strategy where a special move is used to protect the king while activating the rook. With this Part-1 of the online video tutorial, chess coach Vishal Singh has taught all about the fundamentals of castling through interactive video sessions. Stream the session now!


– All about Castling.
– Fundamentals of Castling.
– Live Demonstration.

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  1. I've often wondered why certain chess programs wouldn't allow me to castle, but thanks to this video I now realize that I may not have met all the conditions. Thank you for your detailed yet easy to understand explanation!

  2. Nice vid! Castling is the most important move in ever chess opening. Castling too late and leaving your king in the center can be disastrous in the middle game.

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