Beginner Tip: How to Castle in Chess and When Castling is a Good Idea

Why? Keep the king safe, and bring a rook into play. This screen shot demonstrates how to castle in chess, and the 5 castling rules that are often misunderstood. Elliott Neff explains this rule and many other important rules and strategies on DVD 1:


  1. Just to clarify. No piece may jump during a castle. Essentially the first row must be empty other than the king and the rooks.

  2. you forgot to say you can't castle out of check

  3. I really appreciate you sir. I don’t know how to do this and thanks to you I now know more. Thank you

  4. What is the point for white bishop or call bad bishop ? I like your moves it’s way of combination of attack and defence but I don’t get the point why bishop getting block by other pieces ? Or pawn ? I just want to know to all those who have any idea pls answer me ? Because my favorite move is Yugoslav variation no one else…

  5. I treid to castle to check an opponent. how am I going to notate that?

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