Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 2 : What is Castling in a Chess Game

Learn tips on what castling is and how to do it in a chess game in this free video clip on board games and strategy games.

Expert: John Livingstone
Bio: John Livingstone started playing chess at the age
of 8. He was a finalist in Australian Junior Championship and played regularly in tournaments at the competitive level.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. The king can’t castle into check. The king can’t castle through check. The king can’t castle out of check.

  2. Thank you so much for your guidance sir… performing castling move in chess will help us to place the king in a safe position.

  3. Wow. I thought I knew about castling. I really am a beginner.

    I like this guy.

  4. Brits do their own fair share of leaving off various letters as well, for example, what happened to all your R's?

  5. Someone needs to give this guy a better chess board! He is a good teacher.

  6. when i heard the last rule about casteling after moving either piece i went

  7. he has some stone age million dollar table think in the background believe me he just and idiot and dosent wanna take out his real one the one hes got is pretty usefull though it rolls up and is put in a jar

  8. Ya, because americans all sound alike right? Americans are born with the greatest arrogance, which you have proven once again.

  9. That's cool, but queen side castling actually had 3 squares and two squares, which was a good thing you clarified.

  10. Expert village giving helpful advice?! The world has gone mad!

  11. can you castle to kill the other player's pieces?

  12. im a noob, didnt know about castling untill now but on that last queenside one does he not go through check because of blacks rook or is he just assuming those pieces aren't in play or can u do it queenside whenever u want, cheers

  13. At 1.49 on this video he says …. ''Lets have the White Queen here '' ?  
    Ahh small problem….actually the queen he is moving at that moment is not the White Queen  but the Black queen !!

  14. Can you still perform a queen side castling if the queen side knight is still present? As the king dose not take this place when queen side castling.

  15. Next time just try to show us how to castle with the white pieces only
    You dumb head

  16. Never heard of queen side castling, so cheers. Chess is a easy game to learn but castling always makes me scratch my head when I haven't played in ages.

  17. i love this video this mans knows what hes talking about

  18. Best video ever from "Expert Village" They found a good guy finally!! lol

  19. Grateful for you sharing your knowledge sir.

  20. Is there a reason castling exists? By which I mean, when was it created & why?

  21. The move at 2:54 cant be done because it goes through check in this situation?

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