Brilliant castle! #chess #foryou #trending #viral #shorts


  1. Stock fish is mad hallucinating to think this is brilliant

  2. You just lost a queen and then get put in check the next move… This is a horrible play

  3. Castling or o-o is a brilliant because if they take your queen ,nxd1 ,well then you play bishop takes f7 check, only move is to go king e7, and now bishop to g5 is mate …. . .. 🤔

  4. I also have gotten a castle brilliant. My one question is how.

  5. If the knight takes, Bxf7+, Ke7, and Kd4# is mate I think
    Edit: I don't think anyone notice the knight can also checkmate?

  6. White also can take the black queen and well be in good position

  7. Ферзь d1-f3 теряется конь ( и давление на пешку f7 ( либо выигрыш коня либо мат в 1 ход

  8. If black takes queen bishop takes f7 king e7 bishop g5 checkmate

  9. "Just take my knight bro"
    "Nahh, take my queen instead. That knight is priceless"

  10. bro i did this in analyisis i didnt get a brilliant in castling

  11. Невозможный ход.. когда то был , если правила не изменяли

  12. UNO REVERSE BRILLIANT MOVE!!!!!!!?!?!!!!!!?!!!!
    (average GothamChess title)

  13. Or you could’ve done the other counter brilliant with Bxf7+

  14. What would have happened if white took the light rather than O-O?

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