Brilliant move by castling for checkmate 🥶

Brilliant move by castling for checkmate 🥶 #chess


  1. rook is attack so u cant castle 🤦‍♂️

  2. I thought that wasn’t allowed if the king or the rook is under attack

  3. Damn, what is he doing while alone in the room?)

  4. For one moment I thought he is ride a cock heavy.

  5. "You have 90% accuracy and one lost win."
    The lost win:

  6. Levy got a little exited and starts smashing the air💀

  7. My mom got a brillant move by castling to but I have no idea why but I think it’s because her bishop was hanging?

  8. How can He castled ?
    When knight is there ?

  9. You can castle when under attack? Game never let me do it.

  10. I once did that mistake and also the same position i had beafore i never know moving both of the bishop is check mate

  11. If you wonder, white shouldn't take because black Qh4+ and Qxc4, winning a pawn, a bishop for a knight, and white's castling right

  12. Its illegal u cannot castle under attack on any square of castle its impossible

  13. That was the game:

    1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. d4 Nxe4 4. dxe5 c6 5. Ne2 Nxf2 6. O-O Nxd1 7. Bxf7+ Ke7
    8. Bg5# 1-0

  14. Блестящий ход в ответ на блестящий ход

  15. How did bro push his knight without any support

  16. What the heck??? Bishops delivering checkmate?

  17. How is the first moves brilliant if it can be countered by a another move

  18. You outsmarted me but I have outsmarted your outsmartedness

  19. А чё всмысле? Покровка когда есть угроза туре

  20. Me who has 14 brillant moves by reverse checkmate threat

  21. New Lesson Learnt:

    Always Play A Brilliant Move To Counter A Brilliant Move

  22. Brilliant move and brilliant counter atack😮

  23. Whoever under levy is he does his job really well💀💀

  24. Por que…por que o Levi ta QUICANDO?🇧🇷

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