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  1. I may look stupid right now but plz tell me the problem in queen to a5

  2. Bruh I had the same position and i got a brilliant move to wow. I am so happy to make a great move like frank

  3. !!
    Means brilliant

    ! Means great

    ⭐️ means best

    👍 means excellent

    ✔️ means good

    📖 means book ofc

    ?! Means inaccuracy

    ? Means mistake
    ?? Means blunder

    x means miss

  4. What about the pawn that can stand in fornt of it nah iam unsubscribing

  5. After bishop g5 opponent can play queen c1

  6. The queen just slides levy, The only way it works is if franks playing himself. So frank in that position plays Bg5, brilliant!! Frank 2 plays Qa5+ B blocks QxB+ saving the rook in the corner!! 😂😂😂

  7. Trading the bishop for the rook is good for sure. Brilliant tho?

  8. A good move but not hard to see and therefore not "brilliant".

  9. Fact:If Queen takes Bishop black would lose both of this rooke
    Only for the beginners

  10. I had the same position against my class mate and made the best Skewer of my life winning 2 rooks and then I won a queen, he resigned 😅

  11. Me when i play this move: blunder, mate in 1

  12. this move is not brilliant move because of the power that defence the quen

  13. Pawn f6 stops it but it if the queen takes, Queen a8, King e7, Queen h8, +7 points

  14. What if pawn f6 happens??How is that brilliant??

  15. How to turn the move review on
    I also want to know what my move is
    Mistake,blunders or good

  16. Lmao, man is over hyping the hell out of frank.

  17. Yea I don't get it I'd trade queens then at the end 2 pawns for 2 pawns with my rook attacking the bishop and holding a whole file. But I'm bad at chess so idk

  18. King castles makes the attack a bit less effective though

  19. How is it a brilliant move? What if the pawn blocks the bishop?

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