Can 2 Girls Play Chess Blindfolded?

My opponent is WFM Anna Cramling, a chess master from Sweden. Drop a like and a comment, I’ll likely see it and do my best to reply!
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  1. Shhh. They wont see me flop my manhood on the board.

  2. Gosh darn it, girls ! … 😐 Just by reading the clip's title, i thought you'd be using a bat, or, something, to … "beat" the Chess Master ! … 😐 And, instead of an interesting clip, i see this ! … 😐 i was so upset, i kicked the Like buton's nutzzzz so hard, he turned into Nutella ! … 😐 And, his color changed ! … 🤨

  3. I love that they're blindfolded without any pieces in play physically.

  4. I walked to the mess takeout window for a coffee in New York with Andrea and Anna Cramling(before playing chess)!
    God bless all.

  5. Rook F8 or other to A1 but only force the king, queen and rook should move inward not outward. Again Rook F8 to protect the bishop but the queen should have been left on D8 as well to protect the rook on F6 if taken by rook which alos threatens Andrea's queen. Queen BACK to D8 then probably Rook to F8 and other rook inward.

    It was Queen D8 not bishop D8, OK Andrea saw it, nevermind

  6. Impressive and must take alot focus.👏 id have to give each piece their own storyline and lore just to memorize every move and still blunder my queen for the plot ofc. Great game 👍

  7. andrea: "i am no longer talking out loud."

    Andrea proceeds to talk non-stop for the rest of the video.

  8. My good! They are so smart and beautiful ❤

  9. never thought i'd see the day that andrea beats anna… we truly are living the-good-ending TM

  10. Why do they have to be blindfolded, there is nothing on the board. lol

  11. Okay, this is fun! Please do many rematches

  12. What is with the blinfolds? There's nothing to see anyway…

  13. Why do they wear blindfolds if there are no pieces on the board ? Is that because actually seeing the board, even empty, is helping to materialize the position in their head?

  14. Wow! Them being able to think through an entire game like that just multiplies their attractiveness to me 10 fold! Amazing!

  15. Question – I want to order a botez hoodie, but I live in the UK and wondering what the extra duty fees etc might come too. Any UK folk bought one who might be able to give me the heads up?

  16. Wow….. energy, smart, funny ….great vídeo

  17. Son jóvenes, se divierten jugando un gran ajedrez. Un vídeo divertido y diferente.

  18. You have very interesting videos, it seems to me you are a little crazzy, I'd like to play chess with both you. I think my horse will be always stand in the midly of the chess desk. Your videos have a hint about it.

  19. Wow, no idea how that managed to play the whole game blindfolded. Impressive!

  20. Chess geniuses who played a lot of blindfold simultaneous chess tended to go insane. Steinitz being a particularly tragic example.

  21. Back sixty years ago, I had taped a large chess board above my bed. A friend and I used to play in class. Since we got A's in the class and never wrote anything down, we never got into trouble.

  22. Id be surprised if andrea can remember her name blind folded

  23. They know they don't need the blindfolds, right? Since they aren't playing with pieces

  24. At the beginning her went D4 and Anna said E5 but the computer put D5 0:44

  25. Why are you wearing blindfolds if there are no pieces on the board in front of you anyway?

  26. Well done, sure there were mistakes but overall impressive.

  27. Two blindfolded girls in a room, looks like will be fun

  28. And I still walk into doorways and stub my toes..

  29. hate the clickbaity title, love the video!

  30. Did Andrea try to pull of the Alien?? Or what line was she talking about?

  31. me and the boys in the middle of history exam :

  32. Are those blindfolds really necessary lol. I mean there's no pieces on the board.

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