Can I reach 2000 Elo on in 1 Year? Day 160



Can I reach 2000 Elo on in 1 Year?
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  1. Ideally you shouldn't really study openings under 2000 Elo. It might help get to your goal quicker, but it really does hinder your improvements. For example, your calculations are often unnecessary. Try to keep in mind that tactics and a sequence of moves (combinations) are not the same thing. We confuse this often because of tactic puzzles. Tactics are usually a form of tempo. They are weaknesses in the opponent's position. Just to name off a few you have checks, hanging pieces, bank rank weaknesses, or even tiedowns to overwork something as strong as a queen. These concepts are what makes a combination work, but without those weaknesses there is no trick. So, if you see tactics in yours or your opponent's position then you should probably check for those minefields. Otherwise, you should be more focused on optimizing your piece placement.

  2. hope you reach 2000 and succeed in the challenge

  3. Faustino Oro! 10 años..? Y hace sólo 4 que juega? Uff

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