Carlsen plays Kramnik fairly in BULLET CHESS?

Featured is the bullet chess game between Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen from the Early Titled Tuesday event held on January 2nd, 2024. For some reason Kramnik didn’t move until the 1:39 mark. Carlsen, not one to begin unfairly, choose to start at 1:39 as well. In the end, it’s a fun and interesting bullet chess game with a 1-second increment between world champions. After an oddball start, we arrive in an open Sicilian where Carlsen doesn’t castle, opting instead to attack Kramnik’s kingside castled position.

Image of Magnus Carlsen courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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  1. Magnus saw the fork on the bishop and king's pawn when he played Rd4 to clear the diagonal 👌

  2. do you stream the entire event on twitch? or do you pick good matches after the event and post hem on youtube?

  3. While the move order in the opening is unorthodox it quickly transposed into a Sicilian. I'd be curious if there is a way to punish it or if it gives up a tempo.

  4. Finally, more videos from the mvp of chess commentary. And as a special bonus, I could play this video at night as a sleep aid if needed. Win-win.

  5. Regardless of whether Kramnik is correct about who is cheating or how they cheat, it’s a conversation that needs to happen because online chess platforms must do more to disincentivize cheating.

  6. Hilarious that Kramnik's profile picture is a photo of his online petition

  7. An underrated aspect of Magnus’ greatness is the class with which he wins. It’s evident he would not be interested in any sort of advantage gained from anything other than his elite skill at the game. Sets a great example for the way in which the chess world should strive to win. Long live the king

  8. Much better without the white panel on the right. Thanks

  9. That was fun, Happy New Year Jerry.

  10. Wait for another cheating drama by mr.Kramnik😂

  11. I love Jerry's analysis. So low key. Makes it seem obvious.

  12. Magnus always seems to be losing just to be winning. Other thing is how slow almost every opponent is turning things ridiculous easier.

  13. You're a titled player. Are we going to see you compete in Titled Tuesday at some point?

  14. magnus cheating! anyone cant do like this against kramnik!!!11111

  15. Thanks for the analysis, best wishes for 2024 Jerry! 🎉

  16. Idk the names of openings but the way white setup is one of the most annoying openings I've faced; gane is usually super slow. Black opening with core grips and breaking down one side looked very clean and easy.

  17. This guy Magnus played worst opening possible with black but still won. Interesting…

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