Castle Chess Interviews: FM Alex Dunne, Strong Player

From Fun Fong: FIDE Master Alex Dunne talks about his fast rise to Expert and what it took for him to reach his highest level so far. Alex gives advice to aspiring scholastic chess players what attitude and approach is needed to become a stronger player.


  1. He is an excellent teacher at Castle Chess Camp. His classes were clear and useful. He is a very nice person.

  2. Alex is one of those who is responsible for rekindling my interest in Chess. A key moment happened when he was reviewing one of my games when he said, "you're attacking in the wrong place. Look where the pawns are telling you to attack!"

  3. He's just a little eccentric, but actually very approachable and friendly, particularly to anyone who wants to learn more. He's been teaching forever, and someone that I regard as one of the best teachers of chess. I would have him analyze my games ANYTIME.

  4. yup. well i heard from my NM friend says that he knew from news that researches find out people only need IQ above 70 to achieve 2200 (USCF NM level). so the only key separate average club players and NM level is if there is enough diligent work in chess and if the player finds out a way fits himself well to study chess.

    I certainly believe the conclusion of that research, but I also believe that to become a GM, a player does need some natural talent for it, but not just extremely hard work.

  5. Well, I heard WGM Jennifer Shahade lecturing the other day at the 2013 Supernationals, where she thought that most everyone could reach the IM level. She agreed that to become a GM required some additional special (unspecified) talents.

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