Castle Mate 🗿 | Chess tactics


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  1. Murphy should've given him more than a rook. Black is 700 elo lol. Nd5, falling for Nxf7, even back then…

  2. The checkmate wasn't even possible if rook a1 was there

  3. Where white rook and its not Paul Murphy, It's Paul Morfy

  4. How is that knight sacrifice not a brilliant move

  5. When the chess beginner says “kings gambit” 😂

  6. The amount of sacrifice Paul Morphy give to win the chess game 🗿🗿🗿

  7. Bro, in game review the knight taking should be a brilliant, why isn't it here, and where did the book moves go?

  8. Bro try fried lever which he don't even k how to do it exactly

  9. why you chose this song for this video?

  10. d3 would have been mate if rook was there

  11. Nice plan. If you can't kill your enemy at their house. Invite them into yours then kill em. 😂

  12. Nice game, but maybe next one don’t show “excellent moves by the engine” can be annoying when we all know it’s best bc of theory

  13. Bruh, was developing the king!!

  14. The King: Imma go around the worl- shit

    The lesson: Don’t go too far from safe place

  15. Roses are red, My soul is shook

    What the f*** happened to White's rook

  16. Guys stop saying WhAt ThE f7474K hApPeNd To ThE wHiTe RooK HE KILLED HIM WHAT THE FRICK IS THE BIG DEAL

  17. Bro dragged the king from his kingdom to his kingdom 😅

  18. The great Paul Murphy, right up there with magnoos coresson and grey kasapon.

  19. 1. E4 E5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5.Exd5 (all of the previous were book moves) Nxd5 (a losing mistake which makes white lost if he played perfectly) 6. Nxf7 (book move) Kxf7 (best move)

    Incase anyone wanna study that first part of the game it is called the fegatello attack/fried liver attack

  20. rook: if i become invisible the king won't see me

  21. bro is using game review on depth 2 💀

  22. Bro just took his king to the other end hoping for promotion 😂😂😂


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