Castling Controversy: Wesley Calls Arbiter, Nepo Is Not Happy

Wesley So vs Ian Nepomniachtchi | Day 2 | World Fischer Random Championship (WFRC) 2022

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  1. Wesley: “the in check castle speaks for itself”

  2. It's the Hans effect many players act strange and disrespectful.

  3. The video doesn't show or tell us the position before White's Qa8 – how did the Black K get to g8?

  4. The most important thing about this is Nepo is a Game of Thrones fan. I seriously had him pegged as a Dune or Lord of the Rings guy, but he's a youngin so it makes sense that he'd be riding the new wave.

  5. Nobody castled, and nobody CAN castle in either position…CHESS CLICKBAIT!

  6. Nepo should not wear shirts that are so tight 😆

  7. Is that Stark's direwolf on nepo shirt?

  8. Nepo deserve it. Because he always complain other moving the pieces
    . If someone else is ok.

  9. Nepo – King in the north
    Magnus – Kingslayer💀

  10. This is like a brain surgeon asking the nurse: Brains think thoughts, right?

  11. Castles (O-O) too confusing for world champion
    Me: Now feeling happy because I lost my previous game due to not castling

  12. This video is impossible to understand without the context. I actually didn't know that this was a Fischer Random.. Watched the vid 3 times thinking what a weird position, but what's up? Only then found out in the comment section… 😉

  13. Even a GM can’t be expected to know the most obscure of chess rules.

  14. Check out all the people in the comments feeling superior to a super-GM.
    Good for you.

  15. dunno what people are critical of… in the spirit of the insane dude who this variant is named after… calculating some illegal O-O move way down some line is completely human and normal… you guys miss not being able to caslte in normal positions, hypocrits. it would be beauuutiful if he could have castled lol

  16. Wesley should have castled with 2 hands just like Naka did against Nepo.

  17. It always amazes me how top level players does not know the rules of chess, which is very clearly written by FIDE. I have checked it, it is unambiguous.

  18. What are World Fisher Random Rules ??? It is Kings' move and it can castle : Why Not ?

  19. Nepo looking thicc AF… My man needs to exercise.

  20. How do you blunder:
    Every 900 elo : watch me gambit my queen

  21. The commentators make themselves very hard to follow. Tip: Instead of saying "he" blundered, just say which player you mean. Also when you say "He blundered Qa8", it makes it sounds like the blunder was the moving by White (Nepomniachtchi) of his queen to A8 instead of So not seeing that possibility by his opponent.

  22. The brain fart I think comes from So assuming his rook was on the f-file like it would have been in a normal post-castle position.

  23. However, Nepo is frustrating. It is not his role to judge, but he always distracts his opponents by standing up from the chair, sudden movements, and his expressions.

  24. also confusing that wesley is white in the beginning here ö.0

  25. I thought So was playing a funny game against the suitcase boy or something. What a way to dress!

  26. Nepo….bro. Show some respect. Wear some decent clothes. This ain’t online in your man cave. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  27. I like that even as a GM you still need clarification on rules.

  28. Why this russian is accepted? Russia is terroristic country. Stop Russia!!!! They are making hell on earth for 40 millions of people

  29. for those who don't understand why Wesley thinks he can castle:
    – It's Chess960
    – The King and rook haven't moved yet

  30. everybody's freaking out in the comments, but this is understandable mistake, given that the castling rules are modified in this case

  31. I’m so lost. First few seconds So is white and then it changes to Nepo being white and I didn’t even see So castle… WHATS GOING ON!

  32. "You can't castle if you move your king"

    "No see I don't need to move my King since it's on b1"

    "… how did your king get to b1?"


  33. OHHHHHHH its fisher random…bruh i was confused for a minute

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