Castling | How to Play Chess

When can you move two pieces in a game of chess? Only when castling! Learn this special move of the king and rook in our latest chess lesson!

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  1. ok cool but what key do i click cause dragging aint working

  2. I some how knew about this before i knew about openings

  3. I started playing chess at school, and was taught by a fabulous teacher ( Mr Broadbent ) I am now 60 years old, and I guess my teacher isn't with us anymore. But I thank him so much for teaching me this fabulous game. I got as high as playing for Manchester ( on the school chess team ) and our number one player a girl called Valerie Whitehouse. I could never beat her , she was fantastic at chess.
    What a beautiful game. The youngsters in primary school now
    Should be taught the fabulous game.

  4. I've been playing chess a long time, and I never bothered to learn this move lol.. but my opponents always use it… maybe I will start as well now

  5. I never knew about this move until I saw Andrew Tate do it.

  6. I've always thought you move the king over three squares when castling queenside. 😲

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