Checkmate by Castling – Chess



  1. this is painful to watch. There are so many missed checkmates lol

  2. I was honestly expecting the castling check mate to be done across the board and not on the back rank….

  3. why did u blunder queen once and not ladder mate are you 300 rated

  4. I somehow presumed you'd try to open up the F file and trap the king there with your rook and queen.
    Took me a while to realise you were trying to force it down to the first row.

    Also got nervy when the bishop could have taken your rook for like 3 moves in a row.

  5. Lmao game review just said promoting pawn to a queen was a inaccuracy 💀

  6. So thats the real use of castle that whole time 😆😆

  7. ok the vid is great… but the music SLAPS

  8. ive done this one time on accident i think it was O-O-O#

  9. Just to be honest with you,you are noob,if you really wanted mate with castling ok,you played for it,but if not,you are bad,sorry

  10. i thought ur gonna first get the king to f file block e and g then castle but this is ok too

  11. that's the chess equivalent of dying due to being hit in the face with a shield

  12. I’m astonished on how he missed mate in 1 three different times. This is simply not a meme.

  13. uh your profile pic is so similar to my minecraft avatar lol

  14. are you really 2400 you hunged a queen 2 different ways for 2 moves

  15. black be like: why are we still here? just to suffer?

  16. Ppl who don't know chess see glasses with a waffle

  17. For people commenting about the ratings – the ratings are not correct. I am white, and I have around 200 elo. Black is a bot called Pos-1.20 with the parameter –brain-mode random, meaning it will move randomly.

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