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  1. someone will eventually get a single-digit chess score

  2. Mikhail tal dont get the respect or attention he deserves

  3. at the beginning, wasn't white trying to prevent the king's indian?

  4. I prefer the ICBM Gambit

  5. Sorry … But when GothamChess says: FOX. What does that mean? Who is this fox?

  6. OMG This BLOOD TWIST in the ENDING! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  7. Ye chess said blunder" u win a pawn this way"
    Me: wait what

  8. Video idea: can i lose to martin, but i need to try my best to win

  9. I had a game like that once, where my king and my opponent’s king were two squares apart. He moved his queen to the square in between our kings, thinking he got a kiss of death check, only for my queen to take his queen and mate him.

  10. it is funny how most of these videos start with gotham being so calm but during the game just loses his mind🤣

  11. "call an ambulance, call an ambulance… but not for me"

  12. When 300 paid to get boosted to 1500 😂

  13. Levy I'm lookin at your hair and thinking I don't love chaos, not anymore.

  14. The last move 🔥 its always bishop from another dimension ❤🔥

  15. Make a move for checkmate , "sike" not for me😱🤯

  16. At 10:30 where Levi asks about what black's move should be…I thought be4…cause you attack BOTH knights. Full disclosure, I'm like a 700…so I'm just trying to learn why.

  17. I sacrofices the bishup a brilliant move and I took the queen

  18. "But you can't eat your own bishop!" Chat GPT:

  19. On the short 14 years of my life that I lived I can assure everyone that passing a kidney stone is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

    P.S I believe it was only 0.2 millimeters and it was only 1

  20. I love how the thumbnail says Qa8+ + meaning check and mate in 1 which means a check cant be mate in one

  21. My knowledge of openings is probably 2300 my execution of is is 1500 and my vision is 100

  22. If Levy would see my games, he would get an heart attack. XD

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