Chess Basics! How it Works: Castling

Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan explains the basics of chess including piece movement. In this video, castling.


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  2. No wonder I suck at chess. Castling moves always confused my dumb ass. 😅😅

  3. So this can be done on any row or column anytime during the game? Sweet!

  4. I've been playing Chess casually my entire life, and I had no idea that this move existed until today. PogChamp

  5. So the king can move two tiles but unly when castling?

  6. Can a player castle when the king already has been moved or does the king just have to stand on its original position

  7. but the king can only move one space so how would you do this?

  8. Such a random rule. This feels like a rule that was made on the spot and it favored the person that created it at the time, after that it just became a part of the game lol

    "Oh yeah forgot to mention but when you move this very specific piece to this very specific spot this one other piece moves as well… yeah you didnt know? dont question it just go with it"

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