Chess, but the rules are cursed – All Endings

0:00 Normal Ending (Blitz)
5:36 Good Ending
15:24 Good Ending (skip to actual ending)
16:15 Ascension Ending
19:59 Ascension Ending (skip to actual ending)
21:18 Goose Ending (most of this is trying to find how to get it and screwing around)
32:33 Goose Ending (skip to actual ending)
33:47 Bonus Strategy Advice

Short games playlist:

“secret” discord:


  1. If you like this kind of game, should I go ahead and make another game like this myself?


  3. You cheated at 5:05 by taking the king with your queen, you would have lost. However, because the troll no longer existed on the board, he could no longer accuse you of cheating.
    The same would go for you if the troll cheated and instantly took your king, you wouldn't be able to accuse him because you've already lost. So yes, as said at 15:00, he DOESN'T have a defence against that.
    It's a shame you didn't go for the under 5 minute speedrun achievement because it has a leaderboard and you'd see me on there and – CHESS EVOLVED LOOKS LIKE THAT NOW?? WHAT IS THAT

  4. could you get infinite cheat accusations by moving a black piece off the board and accusing it multiple times for being out of town?

  5. I'd just put all enemy pieces into the water so they can't leave

  6. Man, here I thought there was something to do with putting every piece on the lilypad or something.

  7. letโ€™s see how a grandmaster would react to this

  8. What achievement did you get for removing black Queen with Gift Of Knowledge?

  9. 20:09 They are the storm that is approaching!
    Finally a big minded chest update xD

  10. @Icely Puzzles
    34:00 What happens (when you're allowed to cheat) if you put one Gift of Knowledge onto another Gift of Knowledge?
    (Do they combine somehow? ๐Ÿ˜ƒOr just explode each other?๐Ÿ˜•)

  11. 20:40 small minds will see you ascend and say "he think he big mind, but his head just fat"

  12. I thought this was a game about a grumpy old troll, who lives under the bridge

  13. If I'm correct, you may move the castle, because rooks can eat pieces of the same colour to increase their tower power.

  14. We need more puzzle games to exist. Besides the ones that are fetch quests, the puzzles that makes you think and question BS.

  15. As for Baba is You, has anybody dared make a level pack in it based off of Numberdly?

  16. whats the game at the end and where can i download it

  17. Maybe the real duck, is the duck we saw on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER along the way….

  18. The best first cheat move is to just combine their rooks into a castle. The rook can capture one of their own pieces when you do it if there is another piece near their other rook.

  19. i calculated The Troll ELO is 400-500 (also he cheats)

  20. You absolutely should have turned into the goose. Rule 69: There must always be a Lich Goose.

  21. My batter is 69 while this wathcing this video at 10:69 and the title has 69 in it ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  22. what's the game you're playing at the very end. it looks cool and I'd like to try it out

  23. So I'm interested in finding out what happened if:
    1) goose takes away white king off screen – then you cheat
    2) you put goose on black king, then after he asks you to put him back – do so (if that is even possible)
    3) you put a "combined tower" on goose, or goose on combined tower
    4) put goose on a square with 2 pieces already on the same square
    5) lose all pieces except one (which would be king), put your last piece on the goose
    6) put king on the goose, let it escape, then lose all pieces
    7) put second to last non-king black piece on goose, then capture black king
    8) put bishop's landmine on goose, put goose on landmine
    9) put goose on slippery tile
    10) capture last non-king piece when the last piece was a bishop not on the board, accuse king of the bishop rule
    11) try to break every breakable rule
    12) try to accuse of breaking every nonsensical rule including first and last page, including "black king contents"'
    13) put goose on board surrounded by pieces
    14) put goose on board surrounded by bishop landmines
    15) in cheat mode attempt to capture a black piece that is already on the goose
    16) try to move a piece off goose when in cheat mode, when not on cheat mode
    17) in cheat mode move white king out of the board, then lose all other pieces
    18) win without cheating with your king still on the goose while not cheated
    19) accuse a piece on the goose which swam out of the board of the bishop rule
    20) attempt a softlock when the last remaining black piece is a king out of the board and you don't control a bishop
    21) deprive yourself of valid moves by losing bishops and putting all remaining pieces out of the board
    22) castling is not a valid move but I'm interested in what he says if you attempt it
    23) have two "combined tower" pieces on the board
    24) accuse own piece on first move of a random rule
    25) make black king surrounded with landmines
    26) accuse goose of something if that is even possible
    27) accuse a piece on goose of moving illegally

  24. If your king isnt on the board, what happens if you cheat? Troll cant instakill you

  25. Fuck, that was a pawn storm incoming…

  26. Does it count as a cheat if you make a true accusation, but then make a legal move on the subsequent turn?

  27. 1:47 the best cheat there is probably to move the black rook next to the other black rook so that you get rid of both as they become a castle.

  28. I dont think i have the mental fortitude to play this for myself ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  29. Can you take your own king with the opponent queen and win?

  30. FYI – you can cheat freely when taking the opponent's final piece. The penalty is normally them being able to cheat back, but since the game is over and they have no pieces there's no penalty for it.

    I was a bit surprised there wasn't an achievement for that.

  31. Makes me wonder if you can bait him into moving himself into the gooses path without cheating to see if there's another variant of the ending.
    I had a pawn sitting in the middle of the board randomly get captured by the goose beneath the bridge..

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