Chess, but the rules are cursed

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  1. Since you can move your opponent's pawns when you are allowed to cheat, and pawns ascend instead of promote like usual. Could you potentially move an opponent's pawn to your side of the board to get rid of one of their pieces?
    Edit : And if I recall correctly, I saw a duck swim in the river from the right side of the screen sometime before the bad ending. I think it was sometime during the first winning run, but I am unsure exactly when it happened. Since they are listed in the rulebook, maybe they are involved in an achievement or something.

  2. 16:20 thats such a funny troll, changing what happens when pawn reaches the end xD

  3. guys i think hes not doing a run without revenge cheating

  4. this is like if the inspector from papers please played along with the rules of chess made by a 6 year old

  5. What will happen if you stalemate the enemy?

  6. stop cheating. you are getting the bad ending because you cheat when you are given the chance. you need to beat him without cheating of free cheat turns

  7. What if you tried not to cheat the game? would that give a good ending?

  8. What i thought when i first seem the bad ending is to win without cheating even if you can. Maybe that's the way to get a good ending

  9. idk if you discover this, but you problaby need to not cheat when you can to get the good ending

  10. Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

  11. I see everyone is speculating how to get the good ending, my 10 cents is to keep your pawns alive, get the troll for cheating 8 times, or naturally ascend your pawns, there was a torn page about not letting all 8 of them ascend

  12. You could absolutely do a no cheat run! The troll bot kinda sucked

  13. they finally made r/AnarchyChess into a game

  14. why not wipe out pawns next to enemy queen, catch troll cheating, then put yer king next to their queen?

  15. pov: your playing chess against your younger sibling

  16. I found the duck but I have no idea how I did it all I have is a screenshot of the loss screen with a duck walking about I'm gonna go insane

  17. Wait the paper don’t pawns ascend if they make it to the back row what happens if all 8 pawns do?

  18. you should get the goose ending (the goose shows up if you wait I think)

  19. 8 acending probably means something happens if all 8 pawns acend

  20. Question: What happens if pawn is given the gift of knowledge?

  21. i think act 1 is before you meet the troll, act 3 is after you beat the troll and act 2 is after you meet but before you defeat the troll

  22. Pov: you try to play chess with your lil bro

  23. 3:03
    i was gonna say "guys is this a lisa the pointless reference" but i realized it might actually be a lisa the pointless reference

  24. This is the only chess game I could win against someone because I play less chess than them

  25. Bought the game after watching 3 minutes of your video. Best marketer award.

  26. Sir, I must congratulate you: you have successfully click-baited me.

  27. There’s an fnf video playing but the name channel name and comments are from the other video

  28. Teacher, teacher, if the tower doesn't summon a valorite scrap every 8.5872 seconds, then may I accuse it of cheating?

  29. 1 white queen in the middle of 5 black knights.

  30. WHERE IS THE 34 RULE PART I WANT TO SE SMEXSY CHESS PICES (tihs is a joke this is not meant to be taken as a reall coment)

  31. I imagine this is what it’s like to play chess against a 5 year old.

  32. 9:00 "This is undefended right now" he says forgetting the troll rules on pawn movement

  33. 10:28 He picked up the pawn, put it back down, and moved left with it? I'm curious whether that was legal and, if so, if it was meant to make you think he cheated

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