Has New BOTS!!

Hikaru plays vs Agent Smith, one of’s new bots in prep for his NEW speedrun starting soon!!

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  1. I enjoy very much watching you play

  2. WOW THE EXPLANATIONS ARE SO GOOD. I feel like im actually gettin a lesson from hikaru himself

  3. I can’t look at Hikaru’s games without seeing Magnus making fun of his arrows

  4. This bots came at the time of the extension of Andrew Tate's detention and also by this I understand that we are in MATRIX!!! and the world is corrupted

  5. 14:40 But Human GMs don't start move 1 with no knowledge, so what would be fair?
    How many openings and how deep is the general knowledge of a GM?

  6. 1:38 bishop c5 is not a move i am familiar with
    Me 1100 ELO: Ha what a noob that guy is, i will take the e5 pawn with my knight works everytime

  7. when agent smith is quiet asf that means your doin good. he be talking hella sht when i play him

  8. While he said he blunder I still trying to figure out his opening

  9. 15:26 Ah finally Hikaru's gonna play a normal move like castling. Even I can do that.
    Hikaru: Oh wait there's this this take take queen bishop take and I'm down a pawn…
    Me: Yep, yep, I saw that too

  10. Bro. Bro thinks he is hikaru. What is this.

  11. Welp.. I love chess and not knowing it that well, you just messed my brain up. Obviously I know chess but buddy just started talking like some arithmetic unholy beach talk magic. 1:58

  12. Doesn't he also have Ng3 blocking Quuen's attack on e4 pawn, guarding mate, defended by the white queen?

  13. him : I should castle
    me : ok
    him : wait if i castle he has bishop takes, takes, check, king move, check, takes
    me : 💀

  14. It's deeply fascinating to see Hikaru actually explaining the though process behind his moves, makes me feel less stupid when watching.

  15. Agent chess trying to scholar mate Hikaru was hilarious

  16. What if mittens comes back and is standing beside a fish 🙂

  17. Looking trough comments,no one knows that clippy bot is reference from game called progressbar95.

  18. I beat agent chess too, but I feel dirty the way I did it. I put a timer on, set to one minute each and flagged him to win. So yeah, I won on time. If that doesn't count, I understand.

  19. Pretty sure he missed a fork at 16:07. Knight threatens the bishop and queen and if the bot takes with the rook take w queen

  20. The way Hikaru explains his moves and the speed of them inspire me but also makes me realize how slow I am lmao

  21. Goodthing it wasnt rapid you took along time on some of those move in the first game. Would think being 500+ points higher should been much easier for you /shrug

  22. are the bot rankings accurate? I find I can beat up to like 2000 rated bots easily, but i'm 400 elo and lose against other 400 elo players

  23. insane how he can spot the endgame like the matrix in the last match as black… crazy

  24. I'm 1800 and I won as black against Agent Chess by him just blundering 3 points. So imo not representative for a 2700 player (against which I would absolutely have 0 chance).

  25. hikaru being a GM really makes it so easy to understand whatever hes doing

  26. Hikaru just sacrificed his queen…why did he do that? ….Morpheus: he's beginning to believe

  27. First ever time I watched a Hikaru vid imma just say the amount of arrows is uhh

  28. So this shows the difference in a gm and normal players. I maybe think 2 3 moves at most ahead. You are seeing the endgame alot earlier. Thats where i need to improve and this video helped a ton.

  29. Kinda interesting when he talks abou the game and reads the things it sounds like hes playing a game its very familliar which is nice

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