Chess Endgames: Checkmating with a Rook

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IM David Pruess explains how to checkmate with a King and Rook vs lone King, touching on important chess concepts such as Zugzwang and Waiting Moves along the way.


  1. Can you use the same principle to checkmate with king and queen? I find it easier to stalemate with queen, so keeping a distance would make it easier

  2. I'm here because I ruined my game because I can't figure out how to do this in time

  3. After so many attempts I've finally mastered the way of check mating with only a rook and the king

  4. Im practicing this now and I’m literally failing every time. The black King keeps moving south and it throws everything off for me and I can’t get him to move up. This is so frustrating!!!

  5. I forgot how to checkmate with a rook and drawed :/

  6. What happens if they just move their king back and forth to try and draw

  7. Lost one of my best games at this end game from the 50 move rule draw. Immediately watched this video and I hope to never have that happen again now.

  8. 1 minute on the clock to win. Drew on time.

  9. there are only so many times you can chase a king around the board with rook/king before searching this video xD "ENOUGH" i say

  10. Ο θειος μου ο Γιωργος says:

    thank you very much

  11. I got so tired of trying that I offered if a draw which he refused because he was 3 minutes up in time. I got so embarrassed that I had to sack my rook to get a draw.

  12. This was really helpful I will never draw a game with a king and rook now thank you!

  13. So obviousI just got to stalemate because my brain was too slow

  14. I just stealmated with a rook and a bishop for nothing!!

  15. i was just in this position and i had to draw

  16. I made a comeback from my friend from my queen being trapped then got a rook and king end game but couldn't win because i didn't know how to checkmate him 😢.

  17. I’ve been playing Malala yousafazai (a bot for women history month) for the entire month losing over and over FINALLY i got a winning end game but didn’t know to checkmate so i searched it up and won THANK YOU.


  19. bro why can't you just show us how to do it? All that unnecessary bullshit had me ending in a draw because I was watching this video while chasing his king cause i didnt remember how to do it

  20. Gut I was playing with kept repeating his king moves

  21. Three stalemates finally figured I'd look it up. So much easier then I expected

  22. Backed his king in the corner, searched for this and checkmate! thanks

  23. I see why i always mess up now i never ever play a waiting move to get whatever that word was, so it always draws

  24. I fricking draw the damned game by repition

  25. I let a dalit draw because I forgot this, very embarrassing

  26. thank you, i almost got a draw but thankfully i found this video

  27. just show the sequence…. 30 sec video… dang!

  28. OMG dude talk faster.
    Im YTing this in the middle of a match. I don't have 9mins!

  29. I came here after my opponent couldn't checkmate me after 50 moves forcing a draw😂

  30. Yo the game after I watched this vid I checkmated someone with my rook and king bro

  31. It is super dumb for game to tell you it a draw and not letting you check mate the king.

  32. OMG. I wish I could upload this photo I snapshot ON AI Level 15… I had 3 Queens, 1 King, Knight,Rook, and Bishop all looking at the red king. It said it’s a Draw ✍️ the king is Block but not in check. Damn if anybody can tell me how and I’ll upload it.

  33. having trouble checkmating in general, kinda annoying to have the opponent move his king back and forth when I cant get a checkmate, I can get checks but never a solid win.,

  34. I am trying to learn how to rook checkmates but while this time writing the English words in this video And that way I am learning two things at the same time 😅 thanksss <33

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