Chess Endgames: Checkmating with a Rook

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IM David Pruess explains how to checkmate with a King and Rook vs lone King, touching on important chess concepts such as Zugzwang and Waiting Moves along the way.


  1. Is there any particular reason to why you don't use the box method

  2. This only works if your opponent doesn't know what they're doing and voluntarily puts themself on the back rank and in front of your king instead of just moving back and forth in the middle

  3. Best Chess video. Very simply explained. Looking forward to watch more videos from this guy.

  4. Getting to this video after getting a draw with this situation 😅

  5. Why is this guy a better teacher than my college professors

  6. For some reason, i just randomly learnt how to do it the other way

  7. I drawed a chess game district because of this i couldve been champion

  8. Edison Lian Homes - Singapore Real Estate says:

    who came here after a draw with a King Rook

  9. I was like 20 points up material, then I made a stalemate

  10. I came here after my opponent failed to checkmate me with his rook and king.

  11. i had 2 queens and he just had a king and i couldn’t get it

  12. great video I could never do this but this video explained it very well hopefully should lead me to more wins in this postion instead of a draw

  13. Thanks I always went to stalemate 🤦‍♂️ pisses me off 🤣

  14. bruh just put your king in front of his king whilst the rook is defending yours.

  15. I'm here because forgot how to after not being in the situation for a long time 😂… I drew😭

  16. this video is so useful for me, after watching this now I can handle the situation.

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