Chess Lecture – Attacking a Castled King

In this lecture FM Valeri Lilov explains how we should attack against a castled king of the opponent.


  1. Consider the 90 positions in 9LX where you have to move a rook on 1 side to castle on the other side. What to do about castling then when you can't seem to keep your 'poker face' up re the video 'When to DELAY Castling in Chess!!' (5lVvs0JB5ME) ?See 'How many Chess960 positions exist in which castling on 1 side does not require moving the rook on the other side?' On Chess Stack Exchange

  2. Why not Rh5 with the idea of sacking the rook and playing Qh5+? After the inevitable Kg8, Ne7/Nf6 exposes a double check that black cannot escape.

  3. 1.Qf3 doesnt threaten mate, it only threatens mate if black plays !…Bxe5(the correct way to write it by the way) but black is not obligated to capture the rook, he can simply use the tempo white has given him and bolster his defense with say 1…d6, and after whites rook moves(choose a square doesnt matter) black continues with 2…g6 and 3…Bf5. and blacks defrense holds. there are other lines of course but it seems you need to study up on tactics.

  4. again let me correct you on the term threat. if i move my queen to a certain square and black on his turn has to play a move that prevents a mate then yes that move threatened mate, but you cant say a move trheatens mate if your hoping your oponent makes a blunder, which in this case was …Bxe5, therefore the prior move is not threatening mate, because he doesnt have to make a move to defend a mate , in this case he simply develops, so that is the correct termanology for a mating threat

  5. sorry i didnt mean to sound condescending, just making a clarification.

  6. anyone came here hoping "valeri" was a hot girl…..

  7. From the initial position, I would have played Rh5, and then moved the knight giving a threat (for example Nb6, attacking the rook), and if black doesnt react to that, Rxh7 Kxh7 Qh5# (Bishop is on b3).

  8. his voice reminds me of dexter from dexter's laboratory….

  9. A powerful example how tactics important really are!!!!!

  10. 6:20, you can just move the rook to defend, and you're up a rook.

  11. so, If you don't have both your bishops, you're fcked when the opponent castles?

  12. I used Queen and Bishop's. saced a Bishop and pawns

  13. I was in a zone. hi off this blueberry lol

  14. dude for over 3 minutes u kept speaking

  15. Yeah but how you make him Kh8?
    I'm studying attacks to a common castled king at g8, building a study at Lichess. Greek Gift, Anastasia, Morphy, Pawn Storm, etc. More ideas are welcome if anyone has! Thanks

  16. Realistically most players wouldn't launch an attack like this as it's so risky without thoroughly calculating it

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