chess opening London System part 4 = kingside attack, delayed castling, quick checkmate

The London System begins with 1.d4, with an early Bf4, pawns on d4/e3, often with c3/c4, Bd3, Nbd2 and Ngf3. In this video we see two mid-level amateurs, with me – ChessCreator – playing White.


  1. What would you do if they DID move the pawn to f3 instead of moving the Queen?

  2. @ollie705 Cool. I think it's a very underrated opening. Feel free to send me some PGNs of your games, if you'd like me to video annotate 1 or 2.

  3. I like this idea, and though it's the first part I've seen of this series I have some questions. What do you consider to be Black's best way to play against the London system? I used to play Mason's opening (d4, Bf4) and sometimes Black would play Bf5 and at least back then it seemed like the games were very symmetrical and "balanced".

  4. If Bf5, I switch focus to queenside (e.g. Qb3 targets b7.) – see video 8. I’ve not found a perfect anti-London set-up. I find well-timed c5 + Qb6, or Bf5 + early Ng8-f6-e4 can be tricky to handle. If black plays Bd6 (before c5), I avoid Bxd6 as Bxd6/cxd6, as that seems to gives black a good game. In Bd6 lines, I play Bg3 (Bd6/Bg3, Bxg3/hxg3) intending 0-0-0, using h-file, etc

  5. This is a game I played using the London system.
    1.d4 d5
    2.Nf3 e6
    3.Bf4 a6
    4.e3 c5
    5.c3 c4
    6.b3 b5
    7.bxc4 bxc4
    8.Nbd2 Bd7
    9.Be2 Qa5
    10.Qc2 Ba3
    11.Bd1 Nf6
    12.O-O Nc6
    13.Ne5 Nxe5
    14.Bxe5 Bb5
    15.Re1 O-O
    17.Nxe4 dxe4
    18.Rxe4 Bc6
    19.Rh4 h6
    20.Bf4 Be7
    21.Rh5 Qd8
    22.Bxh6 gxh6
    23.Rxh6 f5
    24.Rxe6 Be4
    25.Qd2 Bg5
    26.Rg6+ Kh7
    27.Rxg5 Rg8
    28.Rh5+ Kg6
    29.Rh6+ Kf7
    30.Bh5+ Kf8
    31.f3 Bd3
    32.Re1 Qh4
    33.Bf7 Rxg2+

  6. absolutely loved this video! new to chess, but playing well above my level with the London System, thanks to your series of videos. keep up the great work! love your channel!

  7. H3 is a hidden gem. + capturing with the pawn is crucial.

  8. If anyone wondered, Houdini 1.5a (one of the very strongest engines) on my laptop evaluates this as a very stable game, with white retaining the 0.1-0.3 point "opening advantage until black's slight mistakes on the kingside start happening. White would be up roughly the equivalent of a pawn before the missed 15. ..f6, but because of f6 being so adequate, Houdini massively prefers 15. Nf3 rather than 15. Bg5, adding some more fuel for the attack. The Nf3 is followed by an h-pawn launch.

  9. I think h4 straight away is better for an attack

  10. so black need to play aggressive to prevent white from reaching the full system. any suggestion as to how to achieve this?

  11. Pawn f6 is the best way to defend his black king but a lot of compensation,,, at white almost dominate the game

  12. Brillant London system You tube !

    Many Thanks

  13. Your opponent made a lot of blunders in this game. This quick mate doesn't usually work against experienced players.

  14. Sorry to see that you played Qc7 instead of f6.. Too bad you didn't show the tactical shot after f6 than Bxg6!!! winning

  15. why cant black play pawn to h6 to defend against the queen?

  16. I really can’t understand who is white and black

  17. I first watched your wonderful London series many years ago. Since then I have won many many games with it. Thank you so much for making these video chess lessons. They are terrific! I am enjoying watching them all again.

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