Chess Prodigy Makes TWO Brilliant Moves

Recap of Round 6 of the Reykjavik Open 2024. My opponent was a strong Danish FM boasting a rating of 2324 ELO.


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  1. My memory says a number of chess folk are working on the Dogalan system in response to the Catalan. When does that come out?😃

  2. Incredible sacrifice no direct tactic but freezing your position great game by your opponent

  3. Zach still have many problem with the catalan!

  4. 5:40
    I knew the correct move was to play C5 even before you showed me that line. Something to be proud of🔥🔥. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the rounds

  5. You get into these losing positions for not castling soon.

  6. Back to the drawing board on the Catalan prep, brev

  7. dxc4 in the Catalan is only good for really good defenders, wouldnt recommend this line for you against the catalan.

  8. „And now I‘m out of book after only 15 moves of theory“ I‘m out of book after 5 to 7 moves😂 You got my respect for memorizing all these lines👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Damn how am I so bad at chess, I only got 3.5/7 for my recent tournament

  10. Zach you said you will practice with catalan but then also some problem pls practice we know

  11. This guy took no prisoners. I could have done with a bit more analysis what of your weaknesses he took advantage of. He didn't just make two brilliant moves. But I still enjoyed the things you did explain.

  12. Here taxi drivers can't attack, nice strategy! 💯🙏

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