Chess rules in Tamil | Castling | en passant | how chess game draw |

The continuation to previous video. How to play chess – part 2. A better understanding of chess rules has been provided in this video. In this video, you will learn about

Special moves in chess.
1. Castling
2. Pawn promotion
3. En passant

How does draw occur ?

1. King vs king
2. Insufficient material
3. Stalemate
4. Three fold repetition
5. Perpetual checks
And draw by agreement

I have missed to tell the draw by completing 50 moves. My apologize. please remember when any player has only king and he plays 50 moves without getting checkmated, then it’s draw. It is called the 50 move rule.

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  1. Checkmaten stalemate rendum konjam confuse aguth 😔😔

  2. I have missed one other important drawing method. My apologize. When a lone king manages to play 50 moves without getting checkmated, it's draw

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