Chess Strategy: How to Prevent Castling

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IM David Pruess discusses the useful strategy of preventing your opponent’s king from castling. Learn several different techniques to accomplish this aim, from the terrible to the quite useful!


  1. Can you teach me to punish a player that tries to prevent castling?

  2. YouTube should add a feature which activates if a video's first comment contains any variation of "First!". The account which posted it should be banned for a week.

  3. @mrmokhithi it does not have that problem for me, or any of the other ppl who have already commented, so… I'm afraid it's probably an issue with your browser or internet (disconnecting briefly in the middle of loading). try reloading the page, or quitting and reopening your browser.

  4. Did any one notice that whites black bishop prevented black from castling on the first place?

  5. wait a sec?! you grandmasters memorize gmes? wtf?

  6. at 1:43 if the black queen gives check, then white either has to block with the g2pawn (which can be recaptured right away) or else move its king and the plan has backfired. take a look at that

  7. @itsTheDom it is white's move at 1:43, and that's why he plays Nf3– to cover the Qh4 check move. but if it were black's move you'd be totally right: Qh4+ would be strong because it would mess up white's plans to castle.

  8. I think he should have covered the queen trade at the very start of a game when king has to recapture…

  9. Not helpful, you show half way through a hypothetical game

  10. Thanks, I tried to castle a few times when I played, but the game wouldn't allow, is there a keyboard command or something I'm not doing correctly?

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