Chess Tips: Attacking The King, Rule of +2

You’re watching Chess Tips, where in 7 minutes or less I’ll go into detail about chess concepts in the middle and endgame. Today’s theme is attacking the enemy king and the rule of “plus 2”.

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  1. that daniel king impression was also formitable

  2. thanks so much for these chess tips, keep them coming dude!

  3. Levy, This is so awesome 7 minute learning. totally changed the way I look at the attack. And yes i did find the move e4 due to your recommendation of bringing in more troops.

  4. Subscribe to this channel. We need to encourage him to make more content!

  5. I still prefer 'Chess Insights'. :-). Or, how about 'Chess Hacks' – I know. Too late.

  6. I like the explanation of when to consider a sacrifice.

  7. Now i am using this rule more like in defensive way, to tell if my opponent attack is dangerous and i need more pieces to defend my king 🤔
    but i will try to count pieces in attack as well

  8. so what is this opening you have played in these games?

  9. When you sacrifice, how do you know to keep the knight or bishop?

  10. Great video! I was proud that I found some of the ideas before you explained them, that lets me know that I'm on the right track.

  11. 7 minutes or less??? I could listen to you for hours! Great teaching man! Very good detail! You doing amazing work for the chess community! Thank you!!!

  12. this must be Tal's secret kitchen sink method

  13. Levy, I've found you through Hikaru's channel (which I found and got interested in chess in general through PogChamps) and I gotta say, this kind of educational content is pretty top tier. You can make your ideas clear and in a way that's easy to perceive.
    Your openings video helped me a lot with one of the things I struggled with the most and I was really happy and proud that I found e4 when I paused the video after thinking for a little bit too! Loving your content, man

  14. I was wondering if RxH6 check, PxH6, QH5 was good or an other one would be RxH6, KG8, RH8 check, KxH8, QH5 check would it work?

  15. You are incredibly concise and insightful, but also comprehensive at the same time. These snippets focusing on one specific idea are much more easily digested than 45 minute lectures. Great content and approach!

  16. I play on
    I started of as 1200 elo as default.
    As I played, I kept losing and losing.
    I reached 386 elo.
    I lost confidence.
    I didn’t play for 4-5 days.
    I watched beginner videos like these.
    I came back and used all the principles I could remember.
    I won 8 in last 10 games.
    I still had like 450 elo.
    I quit the game.

  17. TimberLevy this is golden content. Please keep it coming!

  18. These concepts are great. Only I don't get opportunities like these with experienced players. It's usually a locked up game and then I leave an open or run out of time. Love sacing to break through! Mikhail Tal

  19. This dude is the best coach Ive seen! He hates getting complimented but its true.

  20. You are my new chess homie. Am learning so much from you fam.

  21. I've lost so many games this way. Now I will consider using this strategy. Thanks, Levy!

  22. Levy, your videos are so precise..i just love it keep making them ❤❤

  23. Question: At 5:20 you give us this nice attacking position to analyze and find the key move. I was able to look at the position for about 30 seconds and come up with the correct e4 pawn push to allow the c1 Bishop a sac possibility at h6. And I figured this must be the move . BUT: How should my thinking process go from here? In a blitz game I'd be confident enough to just play it, but in a longer game, say 15 minutes or 30 minutes or longer per side, how should I analyze this position to convince myself I'm right and not blundering something? E.g., I saw 1.e4 dxe4 2. Bxe4 but I did not see 2..f5, and I wasn't sure how to think: What are black's defensive resources?

  24. In the second example, I was keen on Rxh6+, a rook sacrifice. After …gxh6, we have Qh5. There seems no way to stop Qxh6+, followed by Qh7#, thanks to the support of the light-squared bishop… but e4 is a great example, as it's a subtle move that produces a crushing result. Good example!

  25. Great content! Can you specify what counts as an attacking piece and a defending piece? In the first example, by my (possibly wrong) count, you do not have +2 attacking pieces.

  26. These are great. Could you make a playlist that groups all the "Chess Tips" videos together?

  27. 7 minutes. For tips, game review, and all things chess is my favorite format. Thank you.

  28. So do pawn count as pieces or not? Cause why he say there is no defense pieces? When there is clearly 3 pawns in front of the kings

  29. Best coach, glad Gotham started this series!

  30. When he says lower rated like 1500, 1600…
    While me watching this having 800 rating thinking I am average player.

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