Chess Tips: Attacking The King, Rule of +2

You’re watching Chess Tips, where in 7 minutes or less I’ll go into detail about chess concepts in the middle and endgame. Today’s theme is attacking the enemy king and the rule of “plus 2”.

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  1. Harry Potter + chess, how can people not like it?

  2. JK, Im learning a lot. Love your channel, dude.

  3. Really Nice Rule to attack. It would be interesting if you could also explain when this +2 Rule doesn't hold true and how to decide if it is worth going for an attack and trying to sacrifice material to get a +2 attack

  4. Thanks, Levy. I will definitely try to use this. Another topic that is so basic that a lot of teachers might overlook it, is simple calculation–particularly in a blitz game–where being uncertain of how to count when you are attacking a square that has several defenders, can waste valuable time and wreck your chances, due to second-guessing yourself. I find myself in this situation every day, and I always kick myself because it's so freaking simple, or is it?

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