Concept of Chess in Hindi.What is Castling, Stalemate, En Passant, etc…?Rules of Chess.Chess moves

In this video I explained the above questions and their answers:
1.Check देने पर क्या Check बोलना जरूरी हैं ?
2.End Game मैं अगर सिर्फ राजा ही बच जाय तो उसे कितनी moves मैं checkmate करना compulsory हैं?
3.What is Castling ?
4.What is Stalemate?
5.What is en passant?

I hope this video is knowledgeable for you

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  1. Starting par intro dena bhulgaya 🤣 btw keep it up

  2. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  3. Can we castle after the check but king and rook not move?

  4. It is necessary for bigger.thanks for showing 👍🙏.

  5. We can checkmate with double Bishop's and king

  6. Ek raja or ek hathi se game over hoo jaata hai..under 8 to 12 moves

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