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  1. crazy that all of his opponents blundered and he still lost

  2. you were a little tilted today, but that’s fine we all have bad days.

  3. 2 days ago beating up 1000 rated players easily now close getting to the 700s again…

  4. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that conradnoel was caught using Chat GPT while writing essays about frank cheating

  5. Literally most of the games lost in the opening i think you should understand how to play openings instead of learning some lines

  6. I wouldn’t call this ‘Devious’. Frank turned Stockfish off today and we saw the result. And Frank has lost a staggering 5000 viewers in three days! People are voting with their feet.

  7. Day 5 of asking Frank to ban conradnoel

  8. Frank just enjoy the game stop stressing your elo. It will grow as you learn. Don't rush it. You can only progress when you get stronger
    Also dogs don't sweat, and a rice cake is not tasty lmao
    Your at a point where end games are going to be unavoidable. It's time to worl on your pawn structures, and most importantly end game. End games a bitnof.theory and a lot of calculating how to pass a single pawn. You can even plan for this from the start with pawn structure. Just my 2.cents fo ya man
    Your rook play is a little weak in end game. Utilize your rooks through the entire game planning pins from.the back rank and blah blah blah. . We should really play I think it would be good for both of us

  9. alayna loves minchan┆b.a.p legends ♥︎ says:

    have a nice day, frank 💗💗

  10. bruh I havent studied at all and ive already passed franks rapid elo in blitz lol

  11. Tips for frank. Use all of your material to your advantage. Use time wisely. Don’t trade when you are at a material loss. Before putting threat, look at what’s being threatened. If you are being cornered, look for possible mates and block them if you can. Checks are not everything in chess and so are forks.

  12. Bunch of negative losers in these comments, quite sad. Hating on someone in YouTube comments doesn't make your life any better.

  13. 30:04 the opponent has queen takes h1, the point is that when the Queen takes back you have a royal fork

  14. Frank you have to chill. You have to analyze the whole board before you make any single move. You also have to stop playing hope chess. Lastly, you need to utilize your pieces more and don't rush any moves.

  15. Holy fuck the people constantly trying to go after Conrad are just as fucking cringe as he is. Y'all need to get a life and stop defending someone who doesn't even know you exist.

  16. a tip in chess, is to play offensive. VERY OFFENSIVE IN THAT LEVEL. in that level, people do not have great vision of check and mate, and forks unlike you, the all-mighty. always look for checkmate patterns and stop trading pieces.and also a good dose of puzzles a day is fine

    also, try to play chess less and focus your full brainpower in every one of your games

  17. Training? Training my ass frank, you never train or learn.

  18. Hi Frank, just 2 things that seems to be reccurring in your late games, if you improve on them, your positions will be much sweeter:

    – You do not consider enough simple attack patterns to your king from your opponent, theese are the same simple patterns you execute in easy puzzles. You are able to spot them against your opponent, so you should be equally able to spot and prevent them against your own king. Mind more about your king safety, its not just getting castling done or making the "balcony", its also patterns and the pawn structures around your king.

    – When you calculate exchanges, you only consider recaptures from a single enemy piece. Usually your opponent can recapture with more the one. You should consider all of them, like in the more engaging puzzles, otherwise your calculations will always fail you. When you get that, you can consider calculating deeper.

    Try including these 2 things in the thought process for every move, bye!

  19. that da hell frank is more rated than me now

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