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  1. You could just take alter-edward with knght then take back with bishop and it wouldn't be a sacrifice since it's exchange knight for pawn+pawn+video which is equal

  2. boooooooo!! change the colours back to normal!!!

  3. chess but the enemy queen is your crush and you always gets nervous when she does something. every next move after an enemy queen moves must be a random chosen piece doing a random move

  4. Too lazy to make a good ending for the video? Lame. 😡

  5. 2:05 I think you should have captured the pawn with your other knight.

  6. Should have sacked the knight to keep the video going

  7. Finally simps rule change is reasonable and not borderline retarded

  8. All VFX money went into "VIDEO ENDS VERY AGRESSIVELY" ending

  9. why tf didnt you sac the knight. damn it made me so mad.

  10. for sure should have taken that pawn with king after getting such a clear lead.

  11. Your opponent was four parallel universes ahead of you – sacrificing his queen to end your video

  12. I think of extra conditions you add as rules like check, so I would have said it's fine to sacrifice to prevent the pieces from touching (but maybe not otherwise).

  13. I was so expecting a shatter. This is blasphemy

  14. The video did shatter… my expectations of SIMP's editing 😜

  15. You should have taken edward with the knight, so there was a double attack on the queen.

    Technically edward was a hanging pawn.

  16. I gotta say you did your best here, the opponent couldn't have played better even if he knew what the challenge was. Fully committed to pushing Edward down the center and always had it guarded by two or more pieces. The actions of 100-rated players are truly enigmatic.

  17. expects a new video transition
    challenge failed
    mild anticipation
    "…And even though the challenge said the video shatters–"
    "I hate you"

  18. This was a great challenge, actually. Very nice.

  19. 1:57 "I cannot attack anymore"
    *cries in Nxe4 ; Nd5 ; Ng4 ; Nh5 ; Ng8*

  20. An early d6 would have avoided a lot of difficulties.

  21. i was really looking forward to the unexpected move followed by a shattering effect and an abrupt end to the video. i hoped for too much

  22. Am I tripping or your 'voice' sounds clearer than usual? 🔥🔥🔥

    That aside,
    – 2 minutes in and no deaths huh, GGs
    – that ending was inevitable

  23. Honestly for the shatter effect I would have just taken a screenshot and stuck it in PowerPoint, and then used the shatter slide transition. Because who has time to open aftereffects anyway

  24. Nh5 was probably the best move, it stopped both e5 and d4, and won another tempo on the queen. I'm really surprised you missed it.

  25. He's not a coward, but apparently he is lazy.

  26. I know he just said to was too much work but imagine if after he explained for 20 seconds why he didn't want to do it and then does it anyways

  27. Chess but it's America and the customer is always right. You have to give the viewers what you denied them in previous videos by the end of the video

  28. It wasn't the video that shattered, it was my heart

  29. In 1:46 Kxe4 counts like a sacrifice? Cause with that move the bishop attacks the woman, so the knight don't take the risk to be captured by Carlos (The c pawn that i don't remember his name uwu)

  30. Somewhere in the multiverse there's a Chess Simp that won this challenge, so mission sort of accomplished.

  31. The bishop clarification you made can be backed by the King and Queen. I forget if it's horizontal or vertical symmetry, but since the King and Queen follow that, there's a line your ruling follows.

    You probably only needed to shatter one frame or screenshot instead of the whole video, but I'm probably missing the point by saying that.

  32. I was expecting the video to shatter into two videos

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